2024 SAT Language Analysis

Today’s College Placement Test for the Class of 2024 (“SAT”), the first test of the year, was more difficult than in previous years, according to an analysis. EBS field teachers evaluated that the Korean language section of the test was at a level that could be prepared for in public education, even without the “killer” questions. This likely did not confuse the examinees.


Key features of language courses

  • Reading and Literature: ‘Killer questions’ were eliminated and questions were closely aligned to the EBS textbooks. It was judged to be discriminating, reflecting the content of public education.
  • Optional subjects (Speech and Writing, Language and Media): A variety of questions were asked to enhance discrimination. The EBS field team expected that students who had been following the school curriculum would not struggle with problem solving.

Discriminating key questions

  1. Reading 10: Assess comprehension of comparing information from the passage and the view.
  2. Reading 15: Assess your understanding and ability to apply the information presented.
  3. Literature No. 27: Questions that assess your appreciation skills.
  4. Speech and Writing No. 40: Evaluate whether discourse is reflected in writing.
  5. Language and Media No. 39: Assess comprehension of different uses of adverbs.

Teacher analytics

One teacher emphasized that Reading 15 was not categorized as a killer question, even though it dealt with Eastern philosophy. They also pointed to careful item design and the need to apply reasoning and critical thinking to problem solving as reasons why this SAT was more difficult than the September practice test.


The 2023 SAT Language Arts section was more challenging than in previous years, but the elimination of killer questions and the importance of following the public curriculum were key. Itemization strategies to increase discrimination of questions and assessment of examinees’ reasoning and critical thinking skills were emphasized.

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