2024 SAT Math Analysis

The math section of the College Placement Test (SAT) for the class of 2024 was similar to or slightly more difficult than the September mock test conducted by the Korea Curriculum Evaluation Service. Analyzing the difficulty level of the SAT, EBS representative tutor Shim Joo-seok noted that the test maintained a similar composition to the June and September practice tests.

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The importance of staying discriminating

Ms. Sim’s focus was on ensuring discrimination for her top students. This appears to be driven by the intent to maintain a similar level of discrimination compared to last year’s SAT. In particular, it provided a somewhat easier perceived difficulty than last year’s SAT for top students, and was probably harder than the September practice test.

Comparison to the September practice test

In the previous September practice test, there was a significant increase in perfect scores, and there were concerns about a decrease in discrimination at the top. However, this year’s SAT is said to have maintained the right level of difficulty by eliminating ‘killer questions’ and including more discriminating questions.

Key questions and strategies

Analyze high discriminating questions

Some of the more discriminating items on this year’s SAT included 15 questions from Math I, 22 from Math II, 30 from Probability and Statistics, 30 from Calculus, and 30 from Geometry. Ms. Shim emphasized that solving these questions requires a deep understanding of relevant definitions and concepts, as well as comprehensive analytical skills.


The math section of the 2024 SAT focused on discrimination and maintaining appropriate difficulty, while providing an appropriate challenge for top students. Analyzing this year’s SAT will help students formulate strategies for future preparation.

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