2024 SAT English and Math

The College Placement Test (SAT) for the class of 2024 was an important test that many students were looking forward to taking. In this year’s SAT, the English and math sections showed a different trend than in previous years. In this article, we will analyze the English and math sections of the 2024 SAT and provide useful tips for test takers.

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Analyze the English Language Area

The English section of the 2024 SAT was significantly harder than the September practice test. “The English section of the 2024 SAT excludes highly abstract material and includes content covered in public education courses,” said EBS Field Teacher Corps member Kim Bora Samseong Sango. In this section, there were a number of questions that required close reading and comprehension of the passage rather than problem-solving skills to ensure overall discrimination.

The passages in the English section did not contain any overly abstract language that would be difficult to understand when translated into our language. However, there were also many questions that could only be solved by reading the passage to the end and analyzing the options. For example, in Question 24, which requires you to infer the title, the vocabulary in the passage is familiar and the sentence structure is clear, but you have to read the passage all the way through to get the gist of the passage. Choosing a title that implied this was a stroke of genius.

Blank Reasoning Question 33 constructed choices by replacing keywords in the passage with different expressions. In this question, it was easy to pick the wrong answer if you relied solely on keywords to understand the fingerprint. They had to understand the logical flow to choose the correct answer, and it was easy for them to be misled by keywords and think they’d gotten it right.

Analyze math areas

The math section of the 2024 SAT was similar to the September practice test. While there were no killer questions overall, the top tier discrimination questions were harder, and there was still some variation in scores between options.

“The math section was easier than last year’s SAT and similar in difficulty to the June and September sections. The difficulty level of the advanced questions was easier than last year’s SAT, so it was probably not felt as difficult overall.” For the math elective, probability and statistics were similar to the September mock, while calculus and trigonometry were slightly harder.

Jongno analyzed that the math common section was similar in difficulty to the September test, but the questions requiring top-tier discrimination were more difficult. In particular, question 22 was one of the more difficult questions. In the optional sections, Calculus and Geometry were similar to or slightly harder than the September review, while Probability and Statistics were easier than the September review.

Advice with results

For the 2024 SAT, the English and math sections showed different trends than in previous years. Therefore, it is important for test takers to be aware of this trend and prepare for it. In English, you need to be able to read the passage thoroughly and understand the questions, and in math, you need to understand and study the features of each elective.

Additionally, it’s important for test takers to accurately assess their skills and set a target score. Since the SAT is an absolute assessment, it is necessary to set a target score and make a study plan accordingly. You should also pay attention to issues that require top-level discrimination.

Finally, it’s important for students to believe in their abilities and do what’s best for them. The SAT isn’t just a test to get into college, it’s an opportunity for personal growth and development. We wish all those who believe in themselves and work hard to achieve good results.


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