A new case of scammer who demanded a refund for missing sashimi

Recently, an outrageous delivery food refund has become a hot topic in the online community ‘bobadream’. A customer asked for a refund because the delivered sushi was cold, but the customer returned the food with only sashimi removed from the sushi. The story is shocking to many and is being condemned as unscrupulous behavior.

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Source: Treasure Dreams

Situation overview: Customer needs and food returns

According to author A, after delivering an order worth $40,000, the customer asked for a refund, saying he “didn’t hear the bell, and the sushi was cold and inedible. Mr. A accepts the refund request and decides to take the food back, which was only sashimi from the sushi. The udon noodles and soba that came with it were also partially consumed.

Operator reactions and customer excuses

Mr. A expressed his disbelief at the situation, saying it was like ordering a chicken and asking for a refund with all the bones. On the other hand, the customer justified his behavior by saying, “I ate a few pieces of sashimi.” In response, netizens strongly criticized the customer’s behavior and supported the operator’s position.

What netizens are saying

Most commenters on the incident have taken the position that the customer’s behavior is to blame. Many referred to this behavior as “scavenging” and noted that the norm is to tell people to dispose of their own food. Accusations of selfish and unreasonable demands from customers continue.

Lessons learned and preventative measures

This incident highlights the problems that can often arise in the delivery industry and emphasizes the importance of trust and accountability between operators and customers. To prevent such incidents, delivery companies need to have precise delivery procedures in place and policies in place against unreasonable demands from customers.

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