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Recently, a grade 7 government employee in a central government department was caught acting as a BJ on an internet adult broadcasting site after a complaint by another government employee. More than just an individual’s aberration, this case is raising important debates about the professional ethics and social responsibility of public servants. In particular, the protagonist of the case, a woman in her 20s, is a seventh-level state officer in a central government department, and her behavior has been largely criticized as being out of line with the decency and ethics of a public servant. Her identity is being reported through various jirashi, but it’s also causing another problem as stations like JTBC are showing the wrong person, albeit covered by a mosaic.

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Mr. A’s broadcasting activities and how he was caught

While working as a BJ on an online adult broadcast, Mr. A interacted with viewers by engaging in behaviors such as consuming cigarettes and alcohol. Her activities became public knowledge when they were reported by other government officials.

Maintaining ethics and decency as a public servant is very important. In Mr. A’s case, it appears that he violated the professional ethics expected of a public servant, as well as his duty to maintain decency under the Civil Service Act. In particular, public servants are prohibited from holding dual jobs under the National Civil Service Regulations, which can result in severe disciplinary action, and we believe that Mr. A’s case violates this prohibition. Furthermore, the fact that he continued to work as a BJ after his appointment as a public servant is further criticized for not upholding his duties and responsibilities as a public servant.

JTBC’s mistake, and Jirassi

An audit of Mr. A is underway, and the department will determine the level of discipline based on the results of the audit. Although Ms. A clarified that she was only acting as a BJ until her appointment, her behavior is still considered inappropriate given that her official status applies from the moment of her appointment. Therefore, internally, Mr. A’s dismissal is expected, which once again emphasizes the importance of social responsibility and professional ethics for public servants.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s coverage of the incident has angered fans of the channel by showing footage of the BJ’s occasional drinking binges, which are often done by people who specialize in other games. Although the face is obscured, the video is captioned as “Video provided by an informant,” which is controversial, as the BJ in question may have found the footage and taken issue with it. (That link is here).

Iarin, a gaming BJ on Africa TV, is one of those people.

According to what we know so far, the civil servant, Mr. A, graduated from a four-year university (Chung-Ang University) in Seoul, South Korea, and worked as a shibo (a civil servant status during a trial period that candidates for civil service appointments go through to determine their eligibility) at the Ministry of Employment and Labor before being officially appointed as a civil servant. It appears that he operated the channel as a naked broadcast before his appointment to the government, and switched to alcohol and tobacco broadcasting after his appointment. However, it is important to note that this is only a synthesis of what is known and may not be the case.

This incident clearly demonstrates how the actions of individual government officials can affect the credibility and image of an entire organization. It was a reminder to society at large of the importance of maintaining strict ethics and dignity as a public servant.

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