Baby Monster, BATTER UP lip sync controversy

Recently, an Instagram account shared “MR removed” audio highlighting the impressive vocal skills of Baby Monsters Luca, Parita, Asa, Rami, Laura, and Chiquita.

The post was in response to allegations that Baby Monster lip-synced in the “BATTER UP” school concept performance video. In the video with the background music removed, the vocals of the Baby Monster members are noticeably steady, which puzzled their detractors.

Batter Up, Controversy at School Edition Live

YG Entertainment’s girl group Baby Monster released their latest music video on YouTube on Friday (August 12).

The video, titled “Baby Monster – ‘Batter Up’ Live Performance (School Version)”, showcased the first live performance of “Batter Up”.

#BabyMonster ‘BATTER UP’ Live Performance (School Version) #BabyMonster ygbabymonster_

– Babymonster Global ♭ (@babymonglobal) December 8, 2023

Fans of Baby Monster have been impressed with the unwavering vocal skills displayed by the group’s members.

Nevertheless, some skeptics have raised suspicions that the members of Baby Monsters were lip-syncing. In response, the group’s most ardent fans took to various comment sections to counter these claims.

MR removal video clears up controversy

In addition, the Instagram account bmygnews, which belongs to the Baby Monster fandom, uploaded a version with the background music (MR) removed to refute the claims of detractors.

In the version of the video with the background music removed, the vocals of Luca, Parita, Asa, Rami, Laura, and Chiquita shone through more clearly.

Listen to the Mr. Elimination audio HERE.

It’s worth noting that the vocal performance of the six Baby Monsters remained remarkably stable throughout the dynamic choreography to “Batter Up.”


Netizen Reactions

Netizens had a variety of opinions:

“People still claiming it’s lip syncing in this situation? lol”, “haters as usual”, etc.
“And there are still people who claim this is lip syncing?”
“Laura’s ‘you~~’ part is so cool, damn… Baby Monster chan… !!!!”
“It’s still stable, right? How can you call it lip syncing when it’s been evident at important events lately,,, especially the crazy rap duo.”
“It’s so stable, my bamon.”
“Where are the people who still say it’s lip syncing?”
“Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my!”
“Rami is really the main vocalist, he has a really big, steady voice.”
“That’s great, admin, stop hating on me.”
“Luca’s microphone is a little off and his voice is a little shaky.”
“I’m speechless, damn it… I’m totally into this monster rookie Mr. Elimination.”

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