Black Swan Enters Mumbai, Makes K-Pop History

Global girl group Black Swan’s entry into Mumbai marks a new chapter in K-pop history. This was more than just a performance, it was a cross-cultural exchange. Below, we take a closer look at Black Swan’s Mumbai performance and their activities.

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Black Swan’s Mumbai performance success story

Black Swan became the first K-pop singer to hold a solo concert in Mumbai, India’s cultural center. Mumbai is best known as the home of the world’s leading film industry, Baliwood, and is a market where K-pop is still new. The show took place on February 17, 2023, at Dublin Square, a large shopping mall in Mumbai, and the audience loved it for the 1 hour and 20 minutes of passionate performance.

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Relay interview in India

Following the performance, Blackswan was interviewed in a series of relay interviews by leading Indian media outlets including Elle, Pinkvilla, Bridge Asia, Rolling Stones, and India Today. These outreach efforts have helped Blackswan further increase its presence in the Indian market.

Key highlights from the show

Black Swan performed a total of 14 songs in the show, including “Karma,” “Cat and Mouse,” and “Tonight. Especially when he sang the Indian national song “Saki Saki,” the audience erupted into a passionate chorus, creating a touching scene.

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Indian fandom explodes

An Indian fan club, Lumina India, shared a video of Black Swan’s performance with subtitles, proving the popularity of K-pop in the country. In addition, the performance of our Indian member Sriya has further increased the interest of our local fans.

Local popularity in Sriya

After beating 4,000-to-1 odds to join Black Swan, Sriya became a national idol in India through various local commercials and collaborations. His performance is an example of the successful fusion of K-pop and Indian culture.

Black Swan’s performance in Mumbai demonstrated the potential for K-pop to blend with cultures from around the world. Their success will likely inspire many K-pop artists to consider entering the Indian market in the future. Black Swan’s move is expected to play an important role in establishing K-pop as a global cultural phenomenon.

Meet the Black Swan members

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