BLACKPINK re-signs with YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment executive producer Yang Hyun Suk recently expressed his joy at the news that the group Blackpink (Jisoo, Jenny, Rose, and Lisa) has signed a new contract. The news was officially announced by YG Entertainment on December 6. This announcement marks a significant milestone for the K-POP industry and underscores the unwavering support and faith that producer Yang Hyun-seok has in BLACKPINK to continue to shine in the global music market.

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BlackPink’s domestic and international successes and records

Since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK has become one of the world’s top girl groups, scoring big hits with every song they release. With YG’s full support, they are solidifying their global status with new album releases and a massive world tour, delivering love to fans around the world. BLACKPINK is also achieving milestones in K-pop history, including becoming the first K-pop girl group to be a double million seller, the first to top the US Billboard 200, and the first Asian artist to headline Coachella-Hyde Park.

The individual influence of BlackPink members

All four members of BLACKPINK are style icons, influencing not only the musical realm but pop culture as a whole, setting trends in the K-pop industry. Their official YouTube channel, in particular, has 92.1 million subscribers and is ranked #1 among male and female artists worldwide. This is a great example of the impact that Blackpink has as a global top artist. Meanwhile, it is understood that the re-signing is a team-wide deal and that each of the individual artists’ contracts are being negotiated separately.

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