Blackpink’s Lisa and Frédéric Arnaud: Is it true?

BlackPink Lisa has been in the rumor mill lately. She was relaxing with friends at a restaurant in Paris, France, when she was spotted getting friendly with one person in particular. Turns out, that friend is none other than a man by the name of Frederic Arnaud. So, who is this person?

BlackPink Lisa

Frédéric Arnault, heir to a luxury empire

Frédéric Arnault, named as a friend of Lisa’s, is the third son of Bernard Arnault, owner of the LVMH group, which owns Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and more. Unlike other corporate executives, he was educated at the École Polytechnique, a French university of science and technology, where he majored in applied mathematics. Here you can see that he is an alumnus with his father, Bernard Arnaud.

Frédéric Arnaud as CEO

Holding the title of the youngest CEO in the high-end watch industry, Frédéric Arnaud joined TAG Heuer in 2017 and became Director of Strategy and Digital in 2018. On July 1, 2020, at the age of 25, he became CEO of TAG Heuer, a role he holds to this day.

Frédéric Arnaud is an accomplished pianist, influenced by his mother, Ellen Mercier, who was a pianist along with his second brother, Alexandre Arnaud. Frederic is good enough to perform with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. Apart from that, he loves to play chess and play tennis with world-class tennis stars.

Frederic Arnault’s fashion style is more of an old man’s style. You can’t tell which brand it’s from at a glance, but the tailoring and materials are luxurious, with crisp polo shirts and fine knits, and a clean color palette.

Frederick Arnaud

Blackpink’s Lisa and Frédéric Arnaud on their love affair

Lisa and Frédéric Arnaud’s passionate love story has attracted international fans. The rumors started when they were spotted dining at a restaurant together and Lisa was seen resting her head on Frederic Arnaud’s shoulder.

However, an official position on this fervor has yet to emerge. YG Entertainment has not yet commented on Lisa’s alleged affair.

Frédéric Arnaud visits Thailand

More recently, it was revealed that Frédéric Arnaud had traveled to Thailand with Lisa, further fueling the love affair. Lisa and Frédéric Arnaud were spotted boating together on the Chao Phraya River.

Recently, however, rumors have surfaced that the two have parted ways. It started when the two dissed each other on social media, with Frederic Arnaud posting photos of himself being intimate with another woman.

The truth about breakup theories

However, this conclusion was not true. The woman in the photo was not Frederic Arnaud’s girlfriend, but the girlfriend of his brother Jean Arnaud. With this revelation, the breakup theory was confirmed to be untrue.

Lisa and Frederic Arnaud’s current relationship

We don’t know much about Lisa and Frederic Arnaud’s current relationship status. Exact information on whether they are still in a relationship or have broken up has not yet been released.

Finally, the

Fans continue to be interested in what’s going on between Blackpink’s Lisa and Frédéric Arnaud, and how their relationship is developing. We still don’t know how their relationship will develop, but it won’t change the hearts of fans who want them to be happy.

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