BlackPink’s Lisa Named Thailand’s Most Influential Person

Recently, it was reported that Lisa, a member of the K-pop girl group Blackpink, is making a huge impact in Thailand. She was voted the most influential person in a survey in Thailand with 28.1% of the vote. These results underscore the global impact of K-pop and the popularity of Lisa herself.

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Lisa’s popularity and influence in Thailand

Lisa is beloved around the world as a rapper and main dancer within Blackpink. In her home country of Thailand, she is considered a national hero, and every word she speaks or action she takes has a huge impact. For example, when Lisa mentions meatballs, a street food in her hometown, the restaurant’s sales skyrocket, and her influence has a real economic impact.

Lisa’s Global Influence and Record

Lisa recently hit another milestone by reaching 100 million followers on her personal social media channels. This is a first for an Asian woman, and a significant achievement that goes beyond K-pop artists. Lisa’s global popularity is a testament to how many people she is impacting.

Lisa’s relationship with YG Entertainment

Lisa made her debut at YG Entertainment after spending about five years as a trainee. Along the way, she grew to become a globally recognized star, excelling in her dancing, singing, visuals, and language skills. Recently, attention has been focused on her future endeavors, as she has decided not to pursue further contracts for individual activities with YG.

Public support and expectations for Lisa

In response to these news, netizens have shown great interest and support for Lisa’s next move. Many are hoping and rooting for her to achieve even greater success as an artist representing Korea and Thailand. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited for Lisa’s future.

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