[BREAKING] 70+ Dogs Escaped, Tips for Dealing with Rottweilers

This morning, an unexpected incident occurred at a dog farm located in Samgyo-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon. At around 9:44 a.m., the farm’s 70-plus dogs suddenly escaped. The incident has caused tension in the community, and the area around the scene of the incident is in chaos.

Daejeon Dong-gu Office and fire authorities are responding urgently to the incident. Fire officials were quickly on the scene and are working to capture the dogs. At the same time, the Daejeon East District Office is urgently advising local residents to stay away and evacuate to a safe place.

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Dogs in captivity or needing attention

Residents need to be prepared to stay safe from the dangers that can be caused by an escaped dog. At this time, the city and its agencies are prioritizing the safety of residents and are taking every precaution until the situation calms down. We will continue to update you with more information about this incident and how residents can stay safe.

Escaped dogs are traumatizing communities, and authorities are working hard to resolve the situation. It’s important for residents to monitor the situation carefully and follow safety guidance from the city.

What should you do if you meet a guide dog?

Encounters with guide dogs can come unexpectedly, and knowing what to do can prevent a major incident. Here are some important response manuals for safe encounters with service dogs.

1. Stay calm

The most important thing to remember when encountering a guide dog is to stay calm. Sudden movements or loud noises can make a dog more aggressive. It’s best to stay in place as naturally and quietly as possible and avoid the dog’s gaze.

2. don’t approach

Approaching a dog out of curiosity or fear is extremely dangerous. If a blind dog is roaming around without its owner, you should be especially careful. This is because dogs can become aggressive when they feel their territory has been invaded.

3. Retreat slowly

If the situation allows, it’s best to back out slowly and quietly. Sudden movements can provoke the dog, so walk sideways and toward a safe area without showing your back.

4. Take protective action

If the dog is aggressive, you should take a position that protects your face and neck with your arms. If possible, use your bag or clothing to create distance between you and the dog.

5. ask for help

If there are other people around, shout for help. It’s also important to contact the police or animal control as soon as possible to inform them of the situation.

By knowing what to do when you encounter a dog, you can keep yourself and those around you safe. It’s always best to be aware of this information and be prepared.

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