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HYBE has officially announced that BTS members RM and V will be enlisting in the Army for active duty. It was their turn to fulfill their military obligations, following in the footsteps of Gene, who was the first to enlist last December, and Jayhope and Sugar, who joined later.

In an official statement, Hive announced that the enlistment process for RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook has begun. According to the statement, they are preparing for military service and asked their fans for their continued love and support until they return safely after completing their service. Hive says it will do everything it can to support artists.

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LAS VEGAS – MAY 20: BTS, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, Jungkook, Rap Monster at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 20, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

More specifically, RM and V will enlist on December 11, 2023, while Jimin and Jungkook will enlist the day after. The four members are expected to complete their military service in June 2025. Hive announced that they have begun to take the necessary steps to serve in the military, but did not provide a specific timeframe. Gene was the first to enlist in the military last December, followed by Jayhope in April and Sugar in September.

BTS has promised fans that they will return as a group in 2025, after all members have completed their military service.

RM, V fulfill their military service obligations

The enlistment of RMs and Vs is a natural part of fulfilling their military service obligations as Korean men. Under our country’s national defense obligations, all able-bodied men are required to enlist in the military and serve for a certain period of time. RM and V’s decision to enlist means that they are answering the call of their country, demonstrating their sense of responsibility and patriotism.

After fulfilling their military service obligations, RM and V are expected to return to society and resume their BTS activities. Although his enlistment will put him on hiatus for a while, fans continue to support the group as they await his return as a whole. There is a strong belief within the fandom that BTS’s music and message will continue to inspire fans around the world, even during both members’ military service.

Meanwhile, there are various opinions on how BTS will change after RM and V’s enlistment. Along with the concern that they will have less time to work together, it is hoped that their experiences will result in a more mature and colorful artistic spectrum. The new experiences and growth that RM and Vu will gain from their military service are expected to have a positive impact on the group’s activities in the future.

As such, RM and V’s enlistment is only the beginning of a new chapter in BTS’s story, and we expect them to weather this time with stronger bonds with their fans. We wish RM and V a safe return, and our hopes for a new beginning for BTS remain high. [1][2][3][4]

Preparation before joining RM and Vu

Pre-enlistment training and physical examination for RMs and BNs

The fact that BTS’s RM and V are about to enlist in the military is of great interest to fans around the world. These two members are now entering the essential preparation process for military service, including physical exams and completing pre-enlistment training. These steps are essential for the successful fulfillment of military service and are used to determine basic fitness and health.

In order to fulfill your military service obligations in South Korea, you need a healthy body first and foremost. RM and V have also undergone physical examinations conducted by the Department of Defense to ensure they are in good health to enter active duty and are expected to follow the necessary procedures. The physical exam is an important step in ensuring that you are physically fit to perform military duties before enlisting, and the results will determine the type of service you will receive.

Military duties and regulations for RMs and Vs

Another necessary step before enlisting is understanding the military’s requirements and regulations. All enlistees will receive training on life in the military, discipline, rights and responsibilities, and more. RMs and Vs will also go through these training courses to prepare and understand the different situations they can expect to encounter during their military service. This training is also an important time to help prepare them psychologically for service.

According to the military service regulations, RMs and Vs will undergo basic military training for a certain period of time after enlisting. This training is a period of acquiring basic military knowledge and survival skills needed as a soldier, and is an important step in preparing recruits to become South Korean soldiers through systematic training.

Military service carries heavy responsibilities and obligations, so RMs and Vs are prepared to thoroughly understand their duties, strictly follow regulations, and faithfully perform their national defense duties. Their enlistment is a sign of civic responsibility and patriotism, and they are expected to become stronger through military service.

Eventually, RM and V will return to society after successfully completing their military service and resume their activities as members of BTS. Fans are still waiting for them to return and hope that they return from their military service safe and sound. The enlistment and return of RM and VU will be another cherished moment and piece of history for the ARMY. [5][6][7][8]

Life in the military after enlisting in the RM, V

Military life and daily activities of RM and V

World-renowned K-pop stars RM and V of BTS have completed their enlistment and started their military careers. Now they have a new life as soldiers, not entertainers. Once you’ve completed basic military training, you’ll continue your military career by performing prescribed tasks and activities in your respective unit.

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South Korea flag on soldiers arm (collage).

Military life involves early mornings of physical fitness, performing personal and unit duties, educational activities, and training. RM and V are expected to follow these routines just like any other soldier and adapt to the rigors of military life. You’ll also be spending most of your time in the unit, except for weekends and holidays, so you’ll be experiencing the daily routine and building friendships with your fellow soldiers. At the end of the day, you should be able to de-stress and find time for self-improvement through simple leisure activities, writing letters, reading, etc.

Despite their global popularity before enlisting, RM and V are expected to remain humble during their time in the military. This reflects their mature demeanor and high sense of responsibility, and the news of both members’ military lives has become an important concern for their fans.

Military service and duties of RM and V.

The duration of military service in South Korea is usually between 18 and 21 months. The length of military service for RMs and Vs will also be determined within this range, and the specific tasks they will undertake will vary depending on their expertise and the needs of the military organization. For example, their language skills or other specialties could be utilized to perform the duties of an interpreter or public relations soldier, or they could be assigned duties as a regular combat soldier.

Of course, RM and V are high-profile figures with public images, so it’s likely that extra attention will be paid to their safety and special needs while in the military. Nonetheless, they are held to the same standards as the rest of the military and are highly respected for fulfilling their military obligations.

During your tour of duty, you’ll have the opportunity to take authorized overnight stays or vacation at set times, which can give you time to see family and friends and recharge. For RM and V, this time will be invaluable, and will help them stay mentally grounded as they continue their military careers.

RM and V’s sincere and proactive behavior in their military service and daily life is sure to receive a lot of praise and encouragement not only from their fans but also from the Korean people. This proves once again that they are capable of exemplary behavior and leadership in any situation. Fans are waiting in anticipation for RM and V to return from their service in good health and resume their music careers. [9][10][11][12]

Fan Reaction to RM, V’s Enlistment

Fans React to RM, V’s Enlistment News

Since the news broke that BTS members RM and V would be joining the military, fans have been expressing a range of emotions. Social media and online communities have been filled with emotion from fans who have seen the news of their enlistment. While many fans feel their enlistment is a “heartbreaking farewell,” they are also sending messages of understanding and respect for their decision to fulfill their duty as Korean men.

Reactions to Vu sharing a photo on social media of himself sporting a short sports haircut ahead of his enlistment have been mixed. These shorter cuts are causing some consternation among fans, as they appear to be the choice of primarily prospective soldiers about to enlist. Some fans have expressed concern and support for V, with one saying, “Isn’t it time for V to enlist?”

RM and V show their support for enlisting in the military

In response to RM and V’s decision to enlist, fans have been expressing their support and love for the two members. Fans have been sharing heartwarming messages of support on social media and in fan cafes, such as “We’ll be waiting for you and hope you come back healthy and safe” and “We’ll always support you while you fulfill your duty of national defense.”

Not only that, but we’re also working on a variety of projects to make sure fans don’t forget about RM and V during their enlistment. Fans have decided to pay more attention to their music and past activities, and vow to continue their support until both members are back in action. International fans, in particular, are actively engaged in online advocacy campaigns that take into account the time difference.

Fans are optimistic that RM and V will return healthy after completing their military service. While he wonders what they will be like during their service, he is confident that both men will fulfill their military obligations with courage. We wish RM and V all the best, and are eager to see them back in action with a renewed sense of growth. [13][14][15][16]

RM, Vu’s enlistment and music career

RM, Vu’s enlistment and musical plans

With BTS leader RM and member V set to enlist in the military, attention is focused on their musical endeavors. Prior to their enlistment, both members had been delivering special musical gifts to their fans through their respective solo endeavors. RM recently released his new solo album, and Bieber has also been expressing his own musical colors through solo songs.

Their plans for music will continue throughout their military service. There’s already a lot of anticipation and excitement among his fans as they look forward to the release of music and projects that were completed prior to his enlistment. This is a huge relief for fans, as it means they can continue to enjoy their music while they are away from the members.

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BTS concept with wooden cubes. BTS word on CD background

What’s next for RM and B’s musical careers?

RM and V’s military enlistment is expected to be a temporary separation and a new chapter in their musical careers. After completing their military service, we’re excited to see what new changes and inspirations the two members will bring to the music industry as they return more mature and grown from their experiences. There’s a growing interest in and around the industry in how we can take what we’ve learned and apply it to new music.

Not only that, but their agency, Big Hit Music, has stated that “RM and V will resume their full activities in 2025,” further raising the bar for fans. As other members of BTS complete their respective military enlistments and resume team activities, we look forward to seeing the vast amount of talent and creativity that will fill the void.

As such, RM and V’s enlistment is seen as not just a hiatus, but a time to regroup for a bigger leap forward, and with their musical talent and fan support, they are expected to successfully complete their military service and come back stronger and more powerful. When that time comes, both members’ music careers will have entered another colorful era. [17][18][19][20]

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