BTS RM joins Yoonha’s 20th anniversary project

BTS’s RM participated in a special project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of singer Yoonha’s debut. Yoonha announced the news on her official social media accounts and shared the news that RM had been selected as the first presenter. The project is a look back at Yoonha’s musical journey and a celebration of her 20th anniversary.


RM and Yoonha’s musical collaboration

RM has collaborated with Yoonha musically before. I was a featured artist on Yoonha’s mini 5 album ‘UNSTABLE MINDSET’ released in 2020, track 1, ‘WINTER FLOWER (雪中梅)’. The song was a huge success, becoming the first Korean female solo artist to top the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

Details of Yoonha’s 20th Anniversary Project

To celebrate Yoonha’s 20th anniversary, the project will be an “unpacking event”. Starting with RM, a new presenter will be released every day at 0:00 until the 13th. The project will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Yoonha’s debut and shed light on her musical journey, and we’re looking forward to hearing from her fans. At midnight on the 8th, Yoon Ha unveiled RM’s poster as the first presenter of the 20th anniversary unpacking event “Wai” on his official social media, which drew a lot of attention. The event will be broadcast live on Yoonha’s official YouTube channel on the 21st at 10pm.

The event will be a chance for Yoonha to reflect on her musical journey and share her plans for the future. It’s already a big deal among K-POP fans, and the collaboration between Yoonha and RM is making it even more so.

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