BTS’s V breaks up with Blackpink’s Jenny

One of the hot topics in the entertainment industry lately has been the breakup of BTS’s V (real name Kim Taehyung) and BLACKPINK’s Jenny (real name Kim Jenny). The two have been romantically linked since last year and have been the center of much attention. Their relationship became publicized when photos from Jeju Island were released, and their love was further confirmed by photos uploaded around the same time in New York.

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Activity during a relationship

Vu and Jenny had a variety of public activities during their relationship. Most notably, Jenny invited Bieber to a private listening party for the release of Blackpink’s sophomore album. The two were also spotted enjoying a date night in Paris, France, on the one-year anniversary of their relationship. Without masks and sunglasses, they were intimate, walking hand-in-hand, unaware of the public eye.

Attitudes on both sides of the breakup

In response to the news of Vu and Jenny’s breakup, both sides had similar attitudes as they did during their engagement. Throughout their relationship, they never publicly acknowledged their relationship, but their tongue-in-cheek demeanor created a de facto acknowledgment. The two have not commented on the news of their separation, which shows that their stance has not changed.

Their future activities

Along with the news of their split, there’s also been a lot of interest in what Vu and Jenny will be doing next. Vu is set to enlist in the Capital Defense Command on December 11, which will be an important time for his fans. Jenny, on the other hand, is expected to focus more on her future endeavors as she completes her contract with YG Entertainment for BLACKPINK’s “group activities.


The breakup of BTS’s B and BLACKPINK’s Jenny is sad news for many fans, but it marks a new beginning for each artist. I look forward to seeing them shine even brighter in their respective paths.

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