Busan Expo 2030 less likely to be held

In the run-up to the selection of the 2030 Expo host, there are reports that Busan’s chances are slipping. According to a recent analysis, Saudi Arabia is in the lead, with Busan and Rome competing for the second spot.

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Saudi Arabia touts free loans

Busan’s chances of hosting the expo have become even more slim, especially with the Saudi government’s decision to give African countries $10 billion in free loans to pay off their debts.

Against this backdrop, it is rumored that SK Group’s PR team is preparing a favorable press release for Choi Tae-won, the chairman of the 2030 Busan Expo’s private bid committee. Mr. Choi is also the chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and is known to have played a key role in organizing the Busan Expo. Despite his efforts, the current state of competition is a source of anguish for Choi.

What it means to host an expo

Hosting the Busan Expo is a big deal for South Korea’s international standing. If Busan Expo doesn’t happen, it will be more than just a failure of a city, it will be a national disappointment. However, it’s also a time when we may need to understand the efforts of Chairman Choi and other stakeholders and the current situation.

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