Causes of the Dobong-gu apartment fire

The Christmas Day dawn fire at an apartment in Banghak-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul, shocked many people. The incident started in a residence on the third floor, and a number of cigarette butts and lighters were found at the scene, which were instrumental in determining the cause of the fire. Notably, the location of the discovery is a small room, which is the point of origin for the fire.

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The cause of the fire and the police investigation

Police have tentatively concluded that the fire was caused by resident negligence. As such, we will be summoning those involved in the near future for further investigation. confirmed that the fire started in a small room in room 301. Police recovered cigarette butts and a lighter from the room as evidence and have ruled out other causes, such as an electrical fault or gas leak.

Fire development and response

The fire came out of nowhere and caused a lot of damage. At the time of the incident, the smoke alarms were working, but the fire doors were all open, and the apartment’s pilotti construction made it easy for outside air to enter. This caused the fire to spread quickly, and the fact that there were no sprinklers installed, especially on the third floor, also contributed to the spread of damage.

Scope and impact

The fire killed two men in their 30s and injured 30 others. Property damage is estimated at approximately $19.8 million. This incident is a safety alert and a reminder of the importance of apartment fire prevention and response.

It’s important to get the full story and take preventative measures. This will help prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future and ensure the safety of residents.

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