Discussing Hive management with shaman Min Hee-jin: Did he decide to join BTS?

New allegations have surfaced that Hive engaged in “witchcraft management” during its audit of Adore CEO Heejin Min. On April 25, 2024, the Hive revealed that Min would be charged with malfeasance in office, exposing his shamanistic management style. In forensic transcripts, Min revealed his deep connection to shamans, which was evidence of his deep involvement in the way the company operated.

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According to the transcripts, Min and Shaman discussed a variety of business activities, and in particular, plans surrounding a new label that Min would establish. The shaman advised Min to take over the company within three years, and Min took the advice and actually looked into options such as joint ventures, stock options, and starting a new label.

How consulting with shamans influenced the management decisions of a people’s representative

Hive claims that shamans had a substantial influence on the management decisions of the people’s representatives. For example, BTS consulted shamans on the issue of fulfilling military service, and Min acted on their advice. Decisions regarding the timing of the sale of Hive shares were also made in consultation with the shaman. (Again, this is based on transcripts from the hive).

In the transcript released by Hive, Min asks, “Are you going to join the BTS army or not?” and Moo Sok replies, “I’m going.” Mr. Min tells the shaman, “I think I’d be better off in the bulletproof army, send me, lol.” And I’m like, “I’m sending it. I don’t even have a gold medal.” Mr. Min then says, “I think it’s to my advantage not to have them.” This is the kind of conversation that would make Bulletproof fans cringe.

In his conversation with the shaman, Min also discussed the issue of hiring employees. When it came to hiring new employees, the company took the advice of a shaman and had the shaman forward certain applicants’ job applications to the personal email of the CEO, Min, which led to human resources misconduct. We also valued the shaman’s input when it came to placing new employees in their jobs.

Management Style of Shaman and Min Representative

The controversy is even more shocking given Min’s use of witchcraft in his business activities. In conversations between civil representatives and shamans, shamanic practices were even incorporated into management decisions, such as exchanging rice cakes shaped like heads. This behavior is a significant departure from traditional management practices, and it’s creating a rift between Hive’s management and the people’s representatives.

Hive noted that Min’s behavior not only negatively impacted the company’s day-to-day operations, but also caused confusion and unrest within the team. As a result, Hive is planning further investigation into the civil representation and wonders what lessons this incident will teach management.

This news comes just before the press conference scheduled to be hosted by Min Hee-jin at 3pm on the 25th.

The content of this blog is biased toward Hive’s position, not Min’s. The allegations are based on Hive’s announcement on Friday that it had obtained through forensics a lengthy transcript of a conversation between Min Hee-jin, the company’s CEO, and a shaman whom a close relative of hers claimed to have contacted. In the conversation logs, a shaman older than Min, “Jiyoung-nim 0814,” is addressing Min as “Sister,” claiming that the spirit of her biological sister has entered the room. Rumor has it that shamans were even involved in the lyrics of Newzine’s songs, so we’re curious to see if that’s true.

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