Fifty Fifty International Fans Advocate for Members

Fifty Fifty, a group that gained great popularity after being called the “Miracle of the Middle Stone,” is in the midst of an exclusive contract dispute with their agency, Attract. However, unlike the domestic mood, overseas fans are very supportive of Fifty Fifty. It feels like the members of Fifty Fifty are using the psychology of overseas fans, who are used to hearing about how stars are often exploited by their agencies, as a public relations battle. These are the fans we call HUNNIES. Let’s take a look at what the Fifty Fifty members have to say about the situation, and how they feel about it.

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Fifty Fifty members’ social media presence

The members of Fifty Fifty recently shared their thoughts with fans via their new SNS account. “We want to right the wrongs that this has forced our relationship with our label in the wrong direction,” they said, “These choices are about protecting our music.” Many international fans are also responding to this. It’s certainly a different mood than the national consensus.

This is what it looks like.

If they’re sure they’re going to make a comeback, we should believe them. With a healthy environment and music, you’ll come back stronger. Cheers to Fifty Fifty.

FIFTY FIFTY shared a handwritten letter to Huni (Sanna’s mom confirmed it was real).

How members feel

“We apologize to our fans who have been supporting us and waiting for us,” they wrote, emphasizing that “we have been struggling with misunderstandings and accusations, but we feel that the truth needs to come out.” They didn’t specifically mention “the truth,” but they did mention the accusations of embezzlement against the head of the agency. Many international fans, called Hunnies, have been writing in support.

Fifty Fifty rose to fame with the song “Cupid,” but the group is currently on hiatus due to a legal battle with their label. They asked fans to “stop blaming them for false allegations and misunderstandings” and that “all members are standing strong as one.” In response, overseas fans are eagerly awaiting their return. This way, overseas fans can read that they are attached to the members who are making music that they enjoy rather than the agency.


Fifty Fifty’s exclusive contract dispute is still ongoing. The members of Fifty Fifty seem to be struggling to convince their fans of their position by communicating with fans overseas rather than in Korea. Since the majority of their fans have been overseas, it’s possible that they’ll be able to wage a public opinion war against those who favor them. I guess only time will tell what the bottom line is going forward.


1. Why is Fifty Fifty in a dispute with an affiliate?

  • You’re in a dispute with your agency over an exclusive contract.

2. How are your members feeling about this?

  • I struggle with a lot of misunderstandings and accusations. At least from their perspective. The bottom line is likely to be revealed through legal wrangling.

3. What song is “Cupid” by Fifty Fifty?

  • The song was a huge hit on TikTok, and it also made it to the Anglo-American charts.

4. Is Fifty Fifty currently active?

  • He is currently on hiatus due to a legal dispute with his agency.

5. What message do members want to send to their fans?

  • We are asking you to stop blaming us for false allegations and misunderstandings.

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