G-Dragon trademark issue, can’t I use your name?

Does this mean G-Dragon can’t use the name G-Dragon? The company has been in the news recently for its trademark issues with YG Entertainment and its new relationship with Warner Music. Let’s take a closer look at G-Dragon’s relationship with YG and Warner Music.

If G-Dragon leaves YG Entertainment, will “G-Dragon” be unavailable?

It’s true that YG Entertainment has extended G-Dragon’s trademark. The trademark was first registered in 2003, with subsequent extensions in 2013 and 2023. The relationship between G-Dragon and YG and what this trademark extension means has been widely interpreted.
In overseas communities, VIPs (Big Bang’s fandom) are up in arms against YG Entertainment’s decision to extend the trademark for G-Dragon.


(Photo: Instagram: @xxxibgdrgn)

Recently, YG released an official statement saying, “G-Dragon’s contract has expired, but discussions about his future activities are ongoing.”

Big Bang G-Dragon makes surprise appearance in Espacarina IG post

(Photo: Instagram: @xxxibgdrgn)

Nevertheless, speculation is rife. This is because his name appeared on the Warner Records building in Los Angeles, California, USA. It’s no secret that G-Dragon visited the offices of Warner Music Records. Warner Music is a world-renowned music group, and fans are excited to see what a collaboration with G-Dragon would look like.

One photo on his Instagram showed a billboard with the words.

Kanye West Reacts to G-Dragon Warner Music 'Joining': 'No G-Dragon, No YG'

(Photo: G-Dragon (Instagram))

Fans are excited and supportive

No matter what name G-Dragon goes by, his fans’ support for his musical achievements and endeavors will never change. There are mixed opinions and expectations among fans about his new beginning.

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