Get to know the members of Black Swan: K-pop’s first foreign group

The song “Karma” by Black Swan has been a consistent hit around the world. Black Swan is famous for being the only K-pop girl group with no Korean members.
The multinational K-pop girl group Black Swan was formed with the exception of Fatu, who was selected through individual auditions. The remaining members, Gabi, Sriya, and Anvi, were selected through the Signatures Project, a global online audition program created by DRMusic during their Korana days. These members hail from the United States, Brazil, and India, which are the main markets for K-pop outside of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Fatu (Reader/Main Wrapper)


Belgian-born and Senegalese-rooted, FATOU is the leader of the Black Swans. He speaks five languages and has a YouTube channel. Before joining the girl group, Patu moved to South Korea to work as a model. As the only original member of Black Swan, he gained worldwide fan attention and released a solo album, Pwapf (Psycho with a Pretty Face), in 2022.
As the first black member of K-pop, Patou has also received a lot of attention and support from K-pop fans overseas.

– Born: March 23, 1995
– Real name: Patusamba
– Nationality: Belgium (from Senegal)
– Height: 173 cm
– Languages: French, English, Dutch, German, Korean, Vietnamese

Anby (Main Vocals)


American-born NVEE is the last member to join Black Swan through the Signatures project. Although he is still learning Korean, he has impressive vocal skills and serves as the group’s main vocalist.

– Born: January 10, 1999
– Real Name: Florence Alena Smith
– Nationality: United States
– Language: English

Gabi (sub-vocalist / lead dancer)


GABI, a Brazilian-German member, was selected along with Sriya through the DR Music Audition signature project. Gabi, a former volleyball player, was a Black Swans fan before she joined the group.

– Born: November 7, 2002
– Real Name: Gabriela Strassburger Dahsin
– Nationality: Brazilian, German (mixed)
– Height: 172 cm
– Languages: Portuguese, English, Korean

Sriya (main dancer/lead vocalist)


SRIYA, the first K-pop idol girl group from India, has garnered attention in India for her brand collaboration ads. A fast learner of Korean and a professionally trained dancer, she auditioned for several Korean agencies before joining Black Swan.

– Born: September 15, 2003
– Real Name: Sriya Lenka
– Nationality: India
– Height: 170 cm
– Languages: English, Korean

DR Music: Black Swan’s agency

Founded in 1989, DR Music was initially an underground talent agency for rock and ballad singers. One of their earliest artists was the first generation idol girl group BabyBox. After several unsuccessful attempts to create a new group, DR Music formed multinational K-pop girl group Black Swan in 2020. With our new multinational expatriate members, we plan to continue to find talent from abroad.


Black Swan is a unique and talented multinational K-pop girl group that has captured the attention of fans around the world. With their diverse backgrounds and highly skilled members, Black Swan is expected to make a big impact on the K-pop scene in the future.

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