Here’s what he had to say about the rumored parting of ways with Crush and Red Velvet Joy.

Crush addressed the breakup rumors during a broadcast, revealing his love for Red Velvet Zoe.

Last 12 8, Crush released the 游戏 During Red Velvet Joey Indirectly Mention Eyes dragged.

Joy, Crush

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Red Velvet Joy, Crush

On December 8, 2023, the YouTube channel ‘Halmyungsoo’ released a video titled ‘[Myungsoo’s B&B] MT was fun…’. Welcome to the game hell where introverts express their E-self’. In this video, Myungsoo Park enjoys a fun minpaku experience with The Boys Cue, Present, Defcon, Kim Daeho, and Crush. In the video, the members were asked to play an MT-style game, which was reportedly done by cue and current request.

The team decided to play a best-of-three game with the members, with the penalty for the loser of the game being that they had to wash the dishes. In particular, announcer Kim Dae-ho said, “I’ve never been to MT before. I don’t even have any friends from college,” and his embarrassment was hilarious.

Crush responded to the rumors of parting ways with Red Velvet Joy with this statement.

(Photo: Crush, Park Myung Soo (Xinhua))

Get the crowd moving with DJ games

The first round of the game was a “DJ game”. The game consisted of singing a series of songs to match the words presented, which brought a lot of laughter and fun to the participants. In particular, Park Myung Soo was asked to sing “Crush,” and while he was flustered, he sang Red Velvet Joy’s “If you know anyone good, introduce me to them,” making the room laugh.

Upon hearing this, Crush expressed his anger in a half-joking, half-serious way that drew laughter:

What the is doing?!”

The reason for Crush’s embarrassment wasn’t his song, but that Park was indirectly teasing his relationship with Red Velvet Joy.

To explain, “Introduce me to someone nice” is a song sung by Zoe.

Crush responded to the rumors of parting ways with Red Velvet Joy with this statement.

(Photo: Crush, Park Myung Soo (Xinhua))

In the next round, the prompt was “girl group song with 4 or more people,” which left Crush speechless. Eventually, though, they got into the spirit by singing Red Velvet’s “Psycho,” and Park Myung Soo’s response, “You’re real,” sparked even more laughter.

Crush responded to the rumors of parting ways with Red Velvet Joy with this statement.

(Photo: Crush, Park Myung Soo (Xinhua))

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(Photo: Red Velvet (News1))

Unfortunately, the team failed again, and Park roared in disbelief.

Reasons for the Red Velvet & Zoe Breakup Rumors

Recently, news broke in 2021 that Crush and Zoe, who had been in a public relationship for two years, had broken up due to a number of “evidences”.

Red Velvet Joy and Crush

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First, the allegations began when a female idol allegedly unfollowed Crush on Instagram and then deactivated his account. However, fans have come to the pair’s defense, claiming that they were automatically removed from Joy’s “following” list because Crush deactivated them first.

The rumor was further fueled when Zoe posted a photo of herself singing Chet Baker’s song “I fall in love too easily” with a red velvet Wendy. This reportedly threw shade at Crush, a fan of the original singer.

Red Velvet Joy and Crush

(Photo: Instagram: @_imyour_joy)

Despite these claims, Crush has been indirectly referencing Joy on air during his comeback album promotion to ease concerns.

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This video is part of the Myeongsune Minpaku series, which is loved by many viewers for its colorful reactions and witty quips from the participants. In particular, it’s been praised for bringing a new kind of fun to MT-style games that introverts can easily enjoy.

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