How Warren Buffett Made His Partners Rich

In the world of investing, success stories often seem outrageous and unattainable. But the experiences of Myer Kripke, Bill Scargle, and Stewart Horejsi prove that with the right approach and determination, life-changing investments are indeed possible. Their journey highlights the importance of partnering with great businesses and focusing on long-term growth rather than short-term market fluctuations.

1. Meyer Kripke: Strong Faith

Originally a rabbi, Kripke’s chances of investment success were slim, but his faith was strong enough that he decided to entrust his entire fortune to his friend and neighbor Warren Buffett. This decision would eventually turn $70,000 into a $25 million fortune for Kripke. As such, Kripke’s story illustrates the importance of believing in exceptional individuals and how their abilities can drive significant revenue.

2. Bill Skagle: Seizing the Opportunity

Bill Skagle is a former stockbroker. He saw an opportunity to buy Berkshire Hathaway stock in 1978 for $175. Now, decades later, his initial investment has grown exponentially and is worth nearly $520,000 per share. By protecting his investments and riding out numerous bear markets, he was confident in his financial future and retired at age 50. His experience emphasizes the importance of an ongoing commitment to business excellence.

3. Stuart Horacey: Investing in the right business.

Stuart Horacey discovered Warren Buffett’s investment prowess through books and decided to invest in Berkshire Hathaway stock in 1980. He initially invested $265 and now manages a $1.5 billion fortune. His story emphasizes the importance of thoroughly researching and investing in great companies while working full-time.

The key to investment success: partnering with great businesses

These success stories emphasize that life-changing investments don’t happen by accident or luck alone. Instead, it takes time, patience, and determination. What these investors have in common is their partnership with phenomenal companies like Berkshire Hathaway and their unwavering trust in the individuals running these ventures. By focusing on the long-term prospects of great businesses, investors can better weather market volatility and set themselves up for success.

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How to discover the next big thing

Since the last major bear market in 2009, some stocks have consistently outperformed the market, with returns in some cases reaching hundreds of thousands of percent. With a new generation of super stocks ready to take off, investors have the opportunity to find the one investment that could change their lives forever.


Investment success stories like Meyer Kripke, Bill Skagle, and Stuart Horacey remind us that life-changing investments are all around us. By partnering with great companies, focusing on long-term growth, and weathering market fluctuations, investors can make significant financial gains. With a new generation of super stocks emerging, it’s important to stay informed and seize opportunities that could potentially change our lives forever.


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