Hwasa Partners with Sai for a Healthy Comeback

We’re here to tell you that Hwasa will be back with a new song, “I Love My Body”. Isn’t that exciting? Let’s dive into the details.

New teaser image from HuaSa

On the 29th, Hwasa’s agency P NATION released a new teaser image of Hwasa’s upcoming comeback on the 6th of next month through their official social media. In the released photos, Hwasa is surrounded by pink balloons, giving her a fresh and flirty vibe. The wholesome look of the speaker draws attention, but more importantly, everyone wants to know what the alphabet bubbles have to do with the new song.

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Hwasa, Sae as a pinnation

In June, Hwasa switched agencies, signing with P NATION, a label owned by South Korean pop star Psy. And this is Hwasa’s first solo comeback in about two years, following her 2021 single “Guilty Pleasure. We’re hoping for a good outcome, and for fans, the wait will be worth it all at once.

New music release schedule and comeback plans

To announce the comeback, her agency, Fnation, revealed the release schedule for Hwasa’s new songs, starting with the “COMING UP NEXT” image. As the comeback countdown begins in earnest, the group will release their new single “I Love My Body” on June 6 at 6 p.m. via various music sites.

Introducing a speaker’s activity

Last but not least, Hwasa made her debut with MAMAMOO in 2014 and has since released a number of hits. ‘Piano Man’, ‘Moo Aye’, ‘You Are What You Are’, ‘Decalcomanie’, and many more were loved by fans. In particular, Hwasa, whose solo career is prominent among the members, has been performing parallel activities since 2019 and has been successful with songs such as “TWIT” and “Maria. Hwasa is also loved by many for her friendly and natural charm in entertainment programs such as MBC’s “I Live Alone” and tvN’s “Dance Singer Yurangdan.

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