Israeli ground troops are coming!

Israel has finally committed ground troops. This decision comes despite the fact that the recent 19-day air campaign in Gaza has already hit more than 7,000 targets. The airstrikes are believed to be the largest military operation ever carried out by Israel in Gaza. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the background of Israel’s military operation, the international community’s reaction, and the U.S. and U.N. positions on it.

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Israel already committing ground troops

In the early hours of October 26, Israeli forces were seen using tanks to enter the northern Gaza Strip, only to withdraw a few hours later. This has been attributed to the limited ground operations that the Israeli military has been foreshadowing. The IDF calls it the largest operation of the 20-day operation. Footage released by the Israeli military from an infrared camera shows buildings in Gaza being destroyed by shells in a video game-like fashion. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has indicated that he is preparing for such a ground operation and is reportedly in talks with the United States about it.

The airstrikes are notable in that they were more than all previous Israeli military operations in Gaza. Notably, in the early hours of the 26th, the Israeli army drove tanks into northern Gaza, only to withdraw a few hours later. This suggests that the Israeli military has carried out the limited ground operations it has been warning about.

President Joe Biden and the United Nations

There are reports that US President Joe Biden has spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in effect asking him to postpone the ground war. This is believed to be to gauge the international community’s reaction to Israel’s military action. The UN’s response to this has similarly expressed concern about Israel’s behavior. Israel has demanded the resignation of UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who is calling for a ceasefire, and is preventing UN officials from entering Israel. In addition, a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire was not adopted that day due to US opposition. The United States has vetoed UN resolutions on Israel since 2009.

International Voices

Under these circumstances, it is unclear how Israel’s relationship with the international community will be affected in the future. Israel’s military operations are of great concern to the international community, and the reaction of the United States and the United Nations will be particularly important. We’ll see how Israel’s military action and the international community’s reaction unfold in the coming days, and we expect the debate to continue.

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