Ive Jang Won-young wins legal victory over defector camp that crossed cyberbullying line… Starship announces strong legal response

Jang Won-young, a member of the popular girl group I.V., recently won a civil lawsuit against a defective detention center known as Cyberrekka. The incident generated a great deal of attention in the online community and on social media, raising public awareness of the issue of cyberbullying in the entertainment industry. Ms. Jang and her agency, Starship Entertainment (“Starship”), have announced a strong legal response to the continued spread of falsehoods and defamation.

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Starship reveals strong legal response to deportation camps

Starship says it has been pursuing civil and criminal lawsuits against the detention center since November 2022, as well as foreign litigation. They viewed the behavior of the deportation camps as causing significant distress to artists and fans, and called for civil and criminal liability. Starship’s actions are seen as an important example of raising awareness of the problem of cyberbullying and defamation in the entertainment industry and highlighting the need for legal action.

Here’s the full statement from Starship

hello. Starship Entertainment.

We would like to update you on the current status of our legal action against Starship Entertainment for infringement of the rights of our artists.

Since November 2022, we have been pursuing civil and criminal lawsuits and lawsuits abroad against the “deportation camps” that have consistently harassed our artists. The ‘deportation camps’ have been grossly defamatory with their continued spread of falsehoods, which have not only disrupted our work, but also caused significant distress to artists and fans. We are committed to pursuing civil and criminal liability to the fullest extent of the law through ongoing litigation.

The criminal complaint against the detention center was recently transferred from the police to the prosecutor’s office and is awaiting judgment, but it is still an ongoing case and is not expected to result in a judicial decision at this stage. There are two separate civil lawsuits against the detention centers. The civil case we filed is scheduled to be argued in January, and the one filed by the artist himself, Jang Won-young, was dismissed with prejudice as the other party did not respond. We will provide an official position once all legal appeals are concluded.

Starship operates a constant monitoring system to protect the honor, privacy, personality, and other rights of its entertainers, and will continue to take all possible legal action against cases of artist defamation and additional damage without settlement.

We ask that you continue to provide us with tips and resources, as they greatly assist us in our legal preparation and response.

Progress of criminal and civil cases

At this time, the criminal case against the deportation camps has not yet been adjudicated. Starship says the case has been transferred from police to prosecutors and is awaiting a judicial determination. Meanwhile, two civil lawsuits were filed against the Taldok camps, and the one filed by Jang Won-young himself was won due to the other party’s failure to respond. These legal proceedings are seen as an important example of protecting the rights of celebrities and raising awareness of cybercrime.

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What’s next for Starship?

Starship has stated that it plans to aggressively respond to infringements of the rights of its celebrities. To this end, the company says it is running a round-the-clock monitoring system and will take all possible legal action without settlement in cases of defamation and further harm to artists. Starship’s actions are interpreted as a reflection of the social demand for a stronger response to cyberbullying and defamation within the K-pop industry. Starship will issue an official position again after the conclusion of the legal proceedings.

Ask for fan support and reports

Starship said that the ongoing reports and resources from fans have been instrumental in their legal defense. The active support and engagement of these fans is playing an important role in the fight against cyberbullying of celebrities and, in doing so, contributing to a healthier culture in the entertainment industry.


The legal action by Jang and Starship raises awareness of the issue of cyberbullying and defamation within the K-pop industry and highlights the need for aggressive legal action to protect the rights of celebrities. This incident is serving as a reminder of the importance of responsible behavior online and healthy fan culture, not only in the entertainment industry, but in society at large.

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