Japanese girl group disband after five years due to ‘rapid aging’

Popular Japanese girl group Setsune Meteor has decided to disband, citing “rapid aging” as the reason. This is a rare occurrence in the industry and has sparked mixed reactions among netizens. The public’s reaction, judging by internet comments, seems to be a mix of surprise, derision, and a bit of regret.

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Raise an issue with rapid aging?

Some netizens initially misunderstood the news as an aggro or fishing issue (clickbait), but were surprised to learn that the real reason for the group’s dissolution was “rapid aging”. Some also lamented Setsune Meteor’s situation, comparing it to other idol groups.

Comparisons were also made to the training systems and management practices of Japanese idol groups. It has been pointed out that Japanese idol groups are less well managed compared to Korean K-pop groups, and it has been speculated that this may be related to their rapid aging.

Setsune Meteo, a quartet that plays dance music.

Setsune Meteor is a four-piece girl group centered in Hokkaido. They’ve gained popularity for their bouncy dance music, and the average age of their members is 30. In the Japanese idol industry, they are on the older side of the age spectrum.

The group announced their plans to disband at their fifth anniversary concert. The main reason for the disbandment was found to be the aging and declining physical fitness of the members. The youngest member is 24 years old and the oldest is 33 years old, and the members plan to gradually stop being in the group. Notably, 28-year-old Hatori Mona will be leaving the group for the last time on March 31 of this year, citing back pain.

Is there any chance of a reunion?

While this news is very sad for fans, Setsune Meteor will continue to perform until his sixth anniversary concert, scheduled for November 24, 2024. There’s also excitement among fans for a reunion concert. Given the high turnover rate in the Japanese idol industry, their five-year run is considered quite long.


In the wake of this incident, the importance of health care and professional longevity for idol groups has been highlighted. The changing societal perception of how long idols are active and how old they are also seems to be a topic that should be discussed.

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