Jeon So Mi releases ‘Game Plan’ EP album

K-pop singer-songwriter Jeon So Mi, who holds three nationalities – Dutch, Canadian, and South Korean – is back with her latest single, Fast Forward. On August 7, 2023, the band released a new EP titled GAME PLAN. After two years, she’s back as a more mature artist than before.

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GAME PLAN makes a two-year comeback

The five-song EP is Jeon’s second album, following her debut album XOXO (2021). They say it captures how they’ve evolved musically and as artists. Three of the album’s tracks are self-written. Hitmakers Teddy, 24, and R.Tee contributed to the album’s production. They’ve produced some of Blackpink’s biggest hits.

Fast Forward, reminds me of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’

Along with the EP, Jeon also released a music video for the title track, “Fast Forward. The song is an upbeat, dance-oriented tune reminiscent of Madonna’s iconic hit “Vogue,” and the music video is a perfect representation of Jeon’s evolution, transformation, and artistic prowess. The track “Borg” is centered around a soaring pre-chorus and energetic hook, and is about finding true love.

What songs are in the entire album?

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From Gold to The Way

The album’s first track, “Geum Geum Geum,” sees Jeon So Mi rapping and singing with confidence over a trendy and infectious beat. The song features a melodic bridge and a catchy chorus. The next track on Fast Forward, “Individually,” sends a strong message with its straightforward lyrics and shifting progressive beat. “Plum” is a self-written R&B track by Jeon So-mi that features a beautifully melodic song that compares the complex emotions of love to plum-flavored candy. Closing out the album is “The Way,” a retro synthpop track about regret for the past and promise for the future. Check out the full track list below.

Game Plan EP track list

  1. GoldGold
  2. Fast Forward
  3. Individually
  4. Plum
  5. The Way

Who is SoMi Jeon

Born in Ontario, Canada in 2001, Jeon grew up in Seoul, South Korea, where her real name is Ennik Somi Douma.Jeon rose to fame after winning the South Korean talent show “Produce 101,” and later became a member of the project girl group I,O.I.

Jeon made her debut as a solo artist in June 2019 with the single “Birthday,” which to date has amassed 140 million streams worldwide on Spotify and over 160 million views on YouTube (click hereto watch). In 2020, Jeon signed to Interscope Records in partnership with The Black Label and released her debut album, XOXO, which featured the music video for her K-pop sensation single “DUMB DUMB,” which garnered over 10 million views in 24 hours and has since amassed over 120 million views on YouTube (click here to watch) and 120 million streams on Spotify.

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Their debut album features the smash hit “XOXO,” which has garnered over 88 million streams on Spotify alone and over 150 million views on YouTube to date, as well as the singles “Anymore” and “What You Waiting For” (click hereto watch). She is also a global ambassador for Prada and Lacoste.

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