Kim Go-eun has shaman qualities, shaman Saju Pool is a hot topic

As interest in the movie Pamyo grows, the transformation of actress Kim Go-eun and the reactions of real-life shamans (shamans) are becoming a hot topic. In this article, we’ll discuss the role of actress Kim Go-eun, shamans’ reactions to the movie, and the success of the Pamyo movie at the box office.

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Kim Go-eun shines in the movie ‘Pamyo’

Kim Go-eun played the role of a shaman named Lee Hwa-rim in the movie Pamyo. In the movie, she captured the audience’s attention with her strong presence and excellent performance. At the production debriefing, actor Choi Min-sik praised Kim Go-eun’s immersive performance, saying that she was like a real shaman. Kim’s performance was instrumental in making the movie richer and more vibrant.

Shamans’ Reactions, Kim Go-eun’s Saju Pool

Even real-life shamans are taking notice of the actor. A shaman who appeared on the YouTube channel ‘’ gave a very positive review of actress Kim Go-eun’s saju. They praised her acting skills and the variety she brings to her characters, especially her role in the drama “Demon” and her role as a shaman in “Pamyo”. These reactions speak to the unique charm and talent that Kim possesses as an actor.

How the movie ‘Famous’ became a box office success

Pamyo is a movie in the occult mystery genre that follows the bizarre events surrounding a mysterious gravedigger. The movie was well-received by audiences for its unique storyline, strong cast, and mysterious, suspenseful atmosphere. Notably, according to the Korean Film Council’s Integrated Computerized System, “Famous” has consistently posted high attendance numbers since its release, topping the box office. This is a result of the excellent performances of the cast, including Kim Go-eun, and the excellent direction of director Jang Jae-hyun.


The transformation of actress Kim Go-eun, the positive response from real shamans, and the box office success of the movie all speak to the appeal and value of the film. “Pamyo” will not only be an important film for Kim Go-eun’s acting career, but also for the Korean film industry.

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