Kim Ho-Jung’s car accident: “I didn’t turn myself in for him!”

Famous pop singer Kim Ho-joong has been getting a lot of attention for his recent car accident in Sinsa-dong, Seoul. Kim was seen leaving the scene after an accident with a taxi on the evening of September 9, and is being investigated by the Gangnam Police Department. In response, Kim’s agency issued an official statement, explaining the incident and apologizing.

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How the incident happened and initial response

The accident occurred when Mr. Kim made contact with a taxi while changing the course of his vehicle. Immediately after the accident, Mr. Kim panicked and pulled into an alley to speak to his manager. During this process, the taxi driver reported the accident to the police, and Mr. Kim’s manager realized what was happening and went to the police station to confess that he had driven. The company apologized for Kim’s poor handling of the incident.

Police investigation and breathalyzer results

After the manager turned himself in, Mr. Kim personally appeared at the police station for an investigation and a breathalyzer test. Fortunately, the breathalyzer results confirmed that he was not intoxicated. Kim is currently awaiting the police’s final findings on the handling of the incident. The company deeply apologizes for the social harm caused by this incident, and Mr. Kim has pledged to act more carefully in the future.

Social responsibility and what’s next

The car accident was a reminder of the social responsibility and burden of being a celebrity. The company and Mr. Kim vowed to prevent similar situations in the future and to fulfill all legal and moral responsibilities in good faith. These incidents illustrate how much public attention and expectations are placed on the behavior of public figures, and we expect continued interest in Mr. Kim’s actions.

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