Kina of Fifty Fifty Revealed Ahn Sung-il’s Recordings

One of the biggest topics in K-Pop lately has been the relationship between girl group FIFTY FIFTY, their agency ATTRAKT, and PD Ahn Sung-il of The Givers. Kina, a member of FIFTY FIFTY took a new turn with the release of the transcripts, but let’s take a look at the background.

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Background on publishing transcripts

Fifty Fifty’s agency, Attack, made waves when they released a recording of a phone call between Kina’s father and PD Ahn Sung Il. The recording was seen as important evidence of how PD Ahn Ahn-il was involved in an exclusive contract dispute between the members of Fifty Fifty and their agency.

Ahn Sung-il PD claims

In the recording, PD Ahn expresses confidence in the injunction to Kina’s father, emphasizing that “if it’s not going to be cited, it’s a non-starter.” He also suggested that arbitration would take place after the injunction was granted, and that the agency would pay a large sum of money.

Relationship with Warner Bros.

PD Ahn mentioned his relationship with Warner Music Korea and explained the deal they proposed. “Warner is considering all of those positions right now,” he said. In response, Attract claimed that Warner Music Korea and PD Ahn Sung-il pushed for a secret deal, which Warner Music Korea denied.

Attract’s Reactions

Officials at the attraction strongly criticized PD Ahn’s behavior and demanded legal action against him. They emphasized that they would “pursue them to the bitter end, without a shred of leniency, to ensure that they face legal penalties and unaffordable damages.”

Fifty Fifty’s relationship with affiliates

In June, Fifty Fifty filed for a temporary restraining order against their agency, Attract, but the court denied the request. The incident further alienated Fifty Fifty and the company.

The relationship between Fifty Fifty, Attract, and PD Ahn Sung-il is very complicated, and the truth of this case remains to be seen. The release of the transcripts has raised a number of questions and allegations, and we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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