King’s DNA, what’s in it for me?

The wacky keyword “royal DNA” popped up at the top of real-time search. What’s up with “royal DNA” in the 21st century? This quote comes from a letter from an officer in the Ministry of Education to his child’s classroom teacher. Learn more about the controversy this has caused. The letter looks like this As a third party, it’s pretty amazing. What about the parties?

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Reactions to letter content

Mr. A, an official in the Ministry of Education, sent a letter to Mr. B, his child’s primary school teacher, imposing a particular way of teaching. The letter included a number of requirements, such as never using words to scold or restrain a child. He has the DNA of a king, so the sentence “Do as you would a prince” makes me giggle.

The matter has escalated as the letter, which was sent by a ministry-level official, was presented as evidence at the school’s disciplinary committee.

Conflict between clerk A and classroom teacher B

Prior to sending these letters, A had reported B for child abuse in November of last year. As a result, Mr. B was removed from his position and subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing. In this case, the school determined that Mr. A’s behavior constituted a violation of school rights and required a written apology and a pledge not to repeat it.

Mr. B suffered mental health issues after the incident, which led him to take medication for depression, but he is now back at work.

Controversy and subsequent actions

The controversy surrounding Mr. A’s behavior spread across the internet, and the Ministry requested that Mr. A be removed from his position. As a result, Mr. A was notified of the termination of his position.

In this regard, education unions have pointed out that teachers are often treated unfairly when they receive reports of child abuse, regardless of whether there are allegations or not, and have emphasized the need to improve the system.


This is where input and effort from all stakeholders involved in training comes in. Both children’s education and protecting the rights of teachers are important issues, so we’ll need to find a balanced solution.


1. what is the main content of the letter from Mr. A to Mr. B?

  • For example, don’t say anything that scolds or restrains the child.

2. Why was Mr. B removed from his position?

  • Because A reported B for child abuse.

3. What is Mr. B’s current status?

  • Mr. B is now back to work.

4. What is the school’s response to Mr. A’s behavior?

  • The school determined that Ms. A’s behavior constituted a violation of school rights.

5. How did the education union react to the issue?

  • They pointed out that teachers are often treated unfairly.

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