KTX partially suspended: Unstable tracks due to continuous heavy rainfall

Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) announced today (July 18) that it has suspended high-speed rail (KTX) service via regular lines due to concerns about track stability caused by the recent heavy rains across the country.

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KTX Service Suspension Policy

According to Korail, starting at 2 p.m., KTX service via regular rail lines will be limited to high-speed rail lines, including the Gyeongbu Line (Dongdaegu-Gupo-Busan), Gyeongjeon Line (Dongdaegu-Changwon Jungang-Jinju), Jeolla Line (Iksan-Yeosu Expo), and Honam Line (Gwangju Songjeong-Mokpo).

Affected areas and trains

“As heavy rainfall of up to 350 mm or more is expected until dawn tomorrow (19th), mainly in the southern regions, and unpredictable disasters such as sediment influx and landslides may occur, we have decided to preemptively suspend operations,” Korail said.

Customer guidance

Previously, Korail suspended the operation of regular trains such as Mugunghwa and ITX-Saemaul from 4 p.m. the day before. KTX and other trains that are currently operating normally may be delayed due to weather and track conditions.

“Please be sure to check the train operation status through Korail Talk, the website, or the customer center before using the train,” Korail told customers, “and tickets for suspended trains will be automatically returned without a cancellation fee.”

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