Lee Sun-Kyun drug charges!

As actor Lee Sun-Kyun’s drug charges become official, it’s likely to cause a stir in the entertainment and financial worlds.
Initially, all that was known was that the star, Mr. L, was being investigated for drug-related charges. However, it’s also been reported that the third generation of the chaebol is also being investigated for his involvement in the case. Among those suspected of doing drugs together were Hwang Ha-na, the granddaughter of the founder of Namyang Dairy, who had a history of drugs, and Han Seo-hee, a former singer trainee.

According to Gyeonggi Newspaper, which first reported the story, the Incheon National Police Agency received information about L’s alleged drug use during an investigation into a Gangnam nightclub. Since Mr. L has now identified himself as Lee Sun-Kyun Lee, we’ll refer to him by his real name.

“We secured information on a famous celebrity during an investigation into a Gangnam nightclub,” said an Incheon Metropolitan Police Department official, adding, “We are currently conducting an internal investigation based on drug information related to actor Lee Sun-Kyun.” However, it was emphasized that Lee Sun-Kyun’s drug charges have not yet been finalized. Eightpeople are currently under investigation, including Lee, Hana Hwang, and Seohee Han.

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Lee Sun-Kyun Lee continues to receive threats in connection with drugs

While there was a lot of speculation about Mr. L’s identity in the early days of the story, the most convincing suspect seemed to be actor Lee Sun-Kyun from the start, with various outlets identifying his mid-bass voice, Mr. L, and work history. In fact, the day after the news broke, Lee Sun-Kyun’s agency admitted to the allegations.(RELATED)

He reportedly claimed that he was “blackmailed and robbed of hundreds of millions of won ($350 million) in connection with a drug case.” The agency released an official statement, stating that “Lee Sun-Kyun has been subjected to continuous blackmail and threats from individuals involved in the case.”

Lee Sun-Kyun made his debut in an MBC sitcom in 2001 and has since gone on to star in a variety of dramas and movies.

Lee Sun-Kyun has been a fan favorite for his acting style in a variety of genres. His performance plays a big role in maximizing the attractiveness of the other actor. In particular, the movie “All About My Wife” received great acclaim for its balanced performance between Im Soo-soo and Ryu Seung-ryong.

A foregone conclusion?

Meanwhile, Lee Sun-Kyun’s drug charges are making the rounds because we predicted them three years ago.

It’s a video of a shaman who says he’s handcuffed and the reason is likely drugs.

While his charges have not yet been finalized, it seems clear that he is at least suspected.

Lee Sun-Kyun has gained a great deal of popularity for his acting skills, playing lead roles in many films. His acting abilities have been utilized in a variety of genres, from annoyance to romantic comedies. In particular, he won the Best Actor in a Motion Picture award at the Baeksang Arts Awards alongside Jo Jin-woong in the movie “All the Way to the End.

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He also played the role of Park Dong-hoon in the 2018 drama “My Mister,” which received great acclaim in Korea and abroad. The drama won several awards at the Baeksang Arts Awards, once again proving his acting prowess.

The movie made a splash, but…

In 2019, he showed another side of his acting talents by starring in the Bong Joon-ho-directed film Parasite. The film was an international success and put Lee Sun-Kyun’s acting skills on the map.

In conclusion, Lee Sun-Kyun has been loved for his acting skills and his performances in various works. Until the truth comes out regarding the current allegations, fans and the public will have to take a wait-and-see attitude.

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