Lee Sun-Kyun Drug Threats, Woman Chief Entity

Actor Lee Sun-Kyunthe beginning of a drug scandal

In the case, which was highlighted by MBC’s “True Story Investigators,” popular actor Lee Sun-Kyunwas allegedly given drugs by Yoon Seo-hee (a pseudonym), a female owner of a brothel. Lee Sun-Kyunclaims he didn’t know it was a drug and emphasizes his innocence.

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The mysterious behavior of Yoon Seo-hee

Yoon Seo-hee worked at a brothel and was found to have taken meth with her coworker, Mr. B. With multiple drug convictions, she is accused of providing Lee Sun-Kyunwith drugs and her home as a place to inject them. There are many speculations about Lee Sun-Kyun’s relationship with Yoon Seo-hee, but no clear conclusions have been made yet.

The truth about threats and blackmail

Lee Sun-Kyunagency said that he handed over 350 million won after receiving constant threats from Yoon Seo-hee. The case became even more complicated when Yoon claimed that she was blackmailed by the hacker and acted accordingly.

The complicated relationship between Lee Sun-KyunYoon Seo-hee

The message exchange between Yoon Seo-hee and the hacker became public, raising questions about whether it was the hacker or Yoon Seo-hee who sent the threatening text to Lee Sun-Kyun. Messages exchanged between Lee Sun-KyunYoon Seo-hee reportedly showed Lee Sun-Kyunpanicking.

Yoon Seo-hee’s drug use background

A doctor at a hospital in Gangnam was responsible for Yoon’s drug use. The doctor allegedly prescribed Yoon more than 14,000 narcotics over an 18-month period. With this revelation, more attention was focused on Yoon Seo-hee’s drug scandal.

Connecting with composer Daeun Jung

What’s even more shocking is that among the people Yoon Seo-hee was found to have done drugs with was Jung Da-eun, a well-known “idol” composer. Jung turned himself in and is currently being held in a Seoul detention center, raising questions about their relationship and the circumstances of his drug use.

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The relationship and negotiation between the hacker and Yoon Seo-hee

As the relationship between Yoon and the hacker came to light, the full story of the case was revealed. It was revealed that the hacker demanded money from Yoon Seo-hee, which Lee Sun-Kyunreportedly paid.

The fact is?

The truth between Lee Sun-KyunYoon Seo-hee, the identity of the hacker, and the full story of the drug scandal are still a mystery. The case is still under investigation and will likely continue to be of interest to many until the truth is revealed.

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