Lee Yoo Mi, tearful reunion in ‘Strong Woman Gangnam Soon’

JTBC’s ‘Strong Woman Gangnam Soon’ is a hot topic. A spin-off of the popular drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” “Strong Woman Gangnam Soon” is a comedy about three generations of naturally strong women who work together to investigate drug-related crimes in the Gangnam neighborhood.

Lee Yoo-mi stars as Gangnam Soon, an eccentric and bubbly girl who flies from Mongolia to South Korea to find her parents. Ong Sung-woo plays Kang Hee-sik, a tough young detective who graduated from the police academy.


Earlier, Kang Nam Soon and her mother Hwang Geum Joo (Kim Jong Un) were finally reunited with the help of Kang Hee Sik. But on her way to see her mom, she meets with an unfortunate accident that forces her to run into a burning building to save the children trapped inside.

Geum-ju recognizes her daughter the moment she sees Gangnam-soon and rushes to save her after she is blown away in the fire explosion. And just like that, the Gangnam Soon family was reunited. There was a tinge of wistfulness in Golden State’s eyes as he looked at Kang Soon, who was overwhelmed with the excitement of the long-awaited reunion.

Kang Soon’s father, Go Kang Bong, hugged Kang Soon tightly, while his twin brother, Kang In (Han Sang Jo), sobbed beside him. Viewers are eager to see what changes are in store for Kang Soon when she returns to her family.

Strong Girl Namsoon 4

Meanwhile, we see Kang Soon going undercover as a part-time worker at Doo Doo, a distribution and sales company, to help Kang Hee-shik. Kang Kang-soon surprises Kang Hee-shik by effortlessly lifting a heavy box. Behind them, Ri Hwa-Ja (Hee-Jin Choi) is also watching the two of them, raising the tension of what they’re planning.

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