Lee Young-pyo nominated for Vice Minister of Culture

President Yoon Seok-yul will replace the ministers of seven ministries, including the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, early next week. The move is part of a cabinet shakeup that follows the reshuffle of all top secretaries, and former soccer player Lee Young-pyo is being considered to replace Jang Jang-ran as culture minister in the event of a general election.

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Profiles of the new ministerial candidates

Choi Sang-mok, former chief economist at the presidential office, has been tapped to become minister of finance, and Song Mi-ryung, a senior research fellow at the Korea Institute of Rural Economics, a woman, has been tapped to become minister of agriculture. Woo Tae-hee, former vice minister of industry, Park Sang-woo, former president of LH, and Song Sang-geun, former vice minister of maritime affairs, are being considered as possible candidates for other ministries.

Nominees for Justice and Communications Commissioner under review

Former Seoul prosecutors Gil Tae-ki and Park Sung-jae and National Commissioner for Human Rights Kim Hong-il were added to the review to replace Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon. With the resignation of Korea Communications Commissioner Lee Dong-kwan, the search for a new candidate is underway. Lee Sang-hyun, the current permanent member of the NOC, and Lee Jin-sook, the former president of Daejeon MBC, are among the candidates for the next NOC chairman.

New Undersecretaries

Jang Jang-ran, a former vice president of the Korea Football Association, is being considered to succeed Lee Young-pyo as vice minister of culture. The candidates for vice minister of education are Oh Seok-hwan, education secretary in the Office of the President, and Park Sung-min, spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, while the candidates for vice minister of environment and maritime affairs are Park Koo-yeon, first vice president of the National Security Council, and Kim Yoon-il, secretary for future planning in the Office of the President.

Yoon’s reshuffle is interpreted as an attempt to bolster state power and bring stability to the country by replacing ministers who want to run in the general election. It also reflects the will to overcome adverse events such as the failure of the 2030 Busan Expo bid and secure new national momentum.

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