Murder alert maps, danger zone alerts put stabbing terror zones in the spotlight: An introduction to terrorism

Following the ‘Shinrim-dong stabbing’ and ‘Seohyeon Station stabbing’ incidents, people’s anxiety has been growing due to the increasing number of murder and stabbing threats. This is where “terrorless,” a “danger zone alert” site, comes into play. It reminds me of the service that showed vaccine inventory during the coronavirus pandemic. The good news is that he’s already had over 50,000 visitors.

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The emergence and goals of “terrorist” sites

“Terrorists” displays murder notices and areas of incidents on a map, with different colors to differentiate between situations. The site’s creator, Mr. A, explained that he “felt a sense of urgency that safety was slipping away” and wanted to address people’s fears by providing information about irresponsibly posted murder threats.

Police response and social impact

Police identified 194 murder threats, arrested 65 people, and detained three of them. Teenagers accounted for half of the arrests, including some juvenile delinquents. Mr. A pointed out that “people who announce that they are going to commit a crime also have a great negative impact on our society,” and added that he desperately wished to return to a safe society.

Our society is going through a period of widespread anxiety and fear. Sites like Terrorism can be seen as a wake-up call to people and a voice for a return to a safer society. At the end of the day, what everyone wants is a return to a safe society.

The link to the terrorist site is shown below

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