NewJeans Hani’s ‘Blue Coral Reef’ Explodes Again on Japanese TV

NewJeans Hani’s “blue coral reef” craze has hit Japan. Hani’s performance on Japan’s Nippon TV’s “The Music Day” special on July 6 was met with an overwhelming response.

Japanese broadcast appearance details

Hani appeared on the eight-hour special music program “The Music Day” and performed four songs, including “Blue Coral Reef. NewJeans kicked off with “High Boy,” followed by performances of “Supernatural,” “Hain’s Plastic Love,” and more. This was the first time the band has performed on Japanese terrestrial television since their highly anticipated Tokyo Dome fan meeting on June 26-27.

What viewers are saying

  1. Japanese viewers responded enthusiastically with words like “so cute,” “brilliant,” and “I fell in love.”
  2. It was well-received by a wide age range, from young to middle-aged. It was especially nostalgic for middle-aged people who remember the 80s.
  3. Many Japanese fans expressed their gratitude for being able to watch Hani’s “Blue Coral Reef” live on terrestrial television.
  4. Some fans have expressed a desire for Hani to sing other songs by Seiko Matsuda.

The meaning and impact of Hani’s stage

  1. Cultural bridges: Hani’s stage is a cultural bridge between Korea and Japan, and between generations. A Japanese hit song from 40 years ago is reimagined by a current K-pop idol, bridging the cultures of both countries.
  2. K-pop’s growing influence: K-pop idols, including NewJeans, continue to grow in popularity and influence in Japan. This is evidenced by the unconventional treatment of four songs on a leading Japanese music program.
  3. The appeal of multinational idols: The sight of Hani, a Vietnamese-Australian, singing Japanese songs as a Korean idol reinforced the idea that music has no borders. It’s a new model of idolization in a globalized world.
  4. The power of music across generations: Despite being a song from the 1980s, “Blue Coral Reef” has resonated with young and middle-aged audiences alike. It goes to show that good music can transcend generations.
  5. Promoting cultural exchanges between Korea and Japan: Hani’s stage is expected to further revitalize cultural exchanges between the two countries. This could also have a positive impact on improving bilateral relations.

Hani’s “Blue Coral Reef” performance is more than just a song cover; it’s a cultural phenomenon that transcends generations and borders. This shows the new possibilities of K-pop and reaffirms the importance of cultural exchange through music.

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