Newzine Hani calls for group to leave over Boat People controversy

Global K-POP group Newzine is loved around the world, but in Vietnam, it’s causing a particular controversy. Member Hani’s multicultural background is of particular interest. This leads to requests to leave the group. What the heck is going on?

Hani’s multiple citizenship and the controversy it caused

Hani is a singer with dual Vietnamese and Australian citizenship, and has been criticized by some fans for his family’s background in fleeing Vietnam after the Vietnam War as “boat people”. In particular, some Vietnamese social media users have been critical of Hani, sharing their opinions on Twitter and other social media outlets, adding to the controversy. The claim is that the family has betrayed their country. As many people know, Vietnam is currently officially communist in its politics, although it has adopted a market economy.

The Boat People and Hani’s Family Background

Those who fled Vietnam from the late 1970s to the 1990s are called “boat people. They defected or migrated to countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia. Hani’s family also comes from this background, leading some commenters to criticize him and his family for “abandoning their country.

Newzine and Hani’s popularity in Vietnam

Newzines is also very popular in Vietnam. Their albums rank high on the Vietnamese charts and are loved by many fans. However, the controversy surrounding Hani has limited their activities. Despite the criticism from some, many fans support Hani and Newzine and love their music.

Newzines and member Hani have received mixed reactions to their work in Vietnam. Their music and enthusiasm are loved by many fans, but some controversy has hindered their activities, at least in Vietnam.

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