NewJeans Sells Out Tokyo Dome Fan Meeting

Girl group NewJeans has once again proven their ticket power with their upcoming Tokyo Dome concert, Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome. The event, which will take place at the Tokyo Dome in Japan next month on the 26th and 27th, has completely sold out of all tickets, agency ADORE announced. NewJeans will take the stage at the Tokyo Dome just one year and 11 months after their debut, which is a record for the shortest time for an overseas artist. To accomplish this while not yet debuting in Japan is highly unusual.

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Strengthening NewJeans’ presence in Japan

NewJeans has already solidified their presence in Japan with several shows. Last August, the group performed on the main stage of Japan’s leading music festival “Summersonic,” attracting the largest audience ever, and was invited to perform a special stage at Japan’s largest year-end music festival, “Hongbaek Gahapjeon. Also, at the Japan Record Awards, they performed three songs in full, an unusual treatment for an overseas artist. These activities prove that NewJeans is also very popular in Japan.

Ahead of Japan’s official debut

On June 21, NewJeans will release their first single in Japan, “Supernatural. The single includes four songs: the title track, “Supernatural,” the closer “Right Now,” and a performance version of each song. Notably, “Supernatural” features international pop star Pharrell Williams, whose New Jack Swing style was inspired by his previous work. In addition, NewJeans plans to perform a total of 24 songs at the Tokyo Dome concert, including new material, and is teasing collaborations with some of Japan’s biggest artists.

Korea activities and upcoming releases

NewJeans is releasing their new double single “How Sweet” in South Korea this month, and the music video for the track “Bubble Gum” has already been released and is being loved for its lyrical visuals and natural storytelling. These songs showcase NewJeans’ musical diversity and sophisticated style, and set the bar even higher for fans.

With a successful fan meeting at the Tokyo Dome and active activities in Korea and Japan, NewJeans is expected to shine even brighter on the global stage.

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