Predicted Path and Direction of Typhoon V (continued)

After days of heavy rains, everyone is now on high alert for news of a typhoon. Fortunately, Typhoon Talim, a Category 4 storm that has entered Vietnam, is weakening as it transforms into a small typhoon after making landfall north of Hanoi. The typhoon is wreaking havoc in China, but it is weakening in size and strength. This situation created a “tropical disturbance,” the early stages of what could become a Category 5 typhoon.

white clouds and blue sky

Typhoon Eagle may make landfall on the Korean Peninsula

The initial location of the tropical depression is offshore of southern Palau. It currently has a central pressure of 1006 hPa and has the potential to develop into Typhoon Doksuri. The Korea Meteorological Administration is keeping a close eye on the typhoon, analyzing how it will affect our country.

  • A tropical cyclone is an atmospheric disturbance that occurs in the tropics, especially in waters near the equator.
  • Disturbances include clouds and cyclones that develop in tropical regions and are often referred to as the seeds of typhoons.
  • When these disturbances intensify, they develop into tropical cyclones, which eventually become typhoons.

The fourth typhoon of the year was submitted by the Philippines and named Talim, which means “blade” in Filipino. The fifth typhoon will be named “Eagle,” which is a Korean name.

Monitoring the path of a typhoon vulture

Typhoon eagle (독수리) is the name submitted by South Korea and refers to a bird of prey that is the top predator in the sky. Marine weather information from websites such as and indicate that the storm could develop significantly.

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Note that predictions vary slightly.

The Korea Meteorological Administration has plotted a path for the typhoon to develop at 9:00 on July 21 and move northeast of Manila on July 24. (See illustration above)

The European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) predicts the typhoon will form in the waters east of the Philippines around the 24th, pass over the Philippines, and take a path through South China around the 28th. The GFS, on the other hand, paints a picture of a typhoon forming but moving north and passing over the west coast of South Korea in about 28 days. The path still seems to be unclear.

My country has already experienced a lot of rain due to a stagnant rainy front. Torrential rains have caused many casualties and property damage.

hurricane earth satellite tracking 71116

Typhoon Eagle approaching the Korean Peninsula?

If a typhoon eagle does form, I very much hope it doesn’t move toward the Korean Peninsula. This is because stagnant fronts and storm vultures can combine to cause unimaginable damage, including heavy rain and high winds.

There is no word yet on Typhoon Eagle’s expected path and direction, but the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) is cautiously acknowledging the possibility of its development. Other meteorological services are also almost confirming the formation of a typhoon on the 24th. However, the path won’t be more defined until 24 days later.

Current weather and typhoon information can be found on the Korea Meteorological Administration’s Typhoon Advisory website.

Tropical Low Pressure Zone 9

No. 9 Tropical Cyclone Nine, Japan Meteorological Agency | Released July 20, 2023 at 10:30 a.m.

DateCenterCenter pressure (hPa)Maximum wind speedHigh wind radius (km)
[exception radius].
Storm radius (km)
[exception radius].
Radius (km)
Latitude (N)Hardness (E)Seconds per second (m/s)Speed (km/h)
As of 20:0911.8133.710041554Northeast51
Estimated at 21:0913.8132.39981968300
[about 250 southwest].
Estimated at 22:0915.3129.89962072310
[about 260 southwest].
West Northwest13150
Estimated at 23:0915.7127.49902486330
[southwest about 280]
Estimated at 09:00 on the 24th16.3124.99852797350
[about 300 southwest].
[about 60 southwest].
InWest Northwest12260
Estimated at 09:00 on the 25th17.8123.198029104350
[about 300 southwest].
[about 60 southwest].

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