Self-proclaimed wealthy man caught lying, tried to murder wife, gets reduced sentence?

Imagine a dramatic moment inside a courtroom at the Gwangju High Court. At the center of the case is Mr. A, a man in his 20s who married a multi-billionaire, falsely claimed to be one, and then attempted murder when his wife demanded a divorce. He was sentenced to five and a half years in prison at first instance, but his sentence was reduced to four years on appeal. In addition, the probation period was reduced from five years to three years, with only a stay away from the victim and an order to complete a 40-hour violence treatment program.

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The tribunal’s verdict: Chased and brandished a weapon, but not intentionally!

The tribunal found that Mr. A not only injured and imprisoned Ms. B, his legal spouse, but also chased her to a neighbor’s house, threatened her with a weapon, and attempted to kill her, even as she fled the scene after calling law enforcement. The circumstances and methods of these crimes show very poor character, and the victim could have lost his life if not for the deterrence of the officers who responded to the scene. However, the possibility that Mr. A’s depression and mental illness may have played a role in the offense and his promise of financial compensation to the victim were considered mitigating factors. In other words, there is an element of accidental offense due to mental illness. It’s well known among criminals in South Korea that these factors help reduce sentences. Even if you’re incarcerated, continuing to write reflections will work in your favor legally. This fact is inherently tied to the legal system, which makes it an emotional issue every time, but nothing fundamental has changed.

Between law and justice

This case reminds us of the severity of the law, but also of the responsibility and ethics of lawyers. Courtroom decisions go beyond simply resolving legal issues and ask fundamental questions about human dignity and social justice. Finding a balance between law, justice, and human dignity is not an easy task, but it is a process that can make our society more mature.

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