Seojin L Lee’s strong response to rumors

The spread of rumors online and the resulting defamation of individuals is a topic of concern for many. The recent controversy surrounding the submerged breakup of celebrity actor Lee Seo-jin is an example of this. In this article, we’ll focus on that case and explore the impact of online rumors and the legal responses individuals can take.

Seojin L Lee’s strong response to rumors

Starting and spreading online rumors

Recently, a rumor quickly spread in an online community that actor Lee Seo-jin was the subject of a diving breakup. It started when a netizen claimed that she was the victim of a dive breakup by actor L.

Last month, an online community posted a thread titled “I got a dive breakup from actor L”. “We started dating about 6 years ago and were together for over 4 years, but recently I was informed of a unilateral breakup via text. I’ve been trying to reach out to him in various ways, but he’s been ignoring everything I’ve tried.”

“The last time we saw each other, a few days before the breakup text, it was great, we had a great relationship, and he took pictures of my best parts,” he says, “I’ve sent him dozens of pictures of my best parts. He’s also said a lot of bad things about coworkers who work with him.”


From dive breakups to body part shots, the revelations have been counted. The post was followed by a series of mentions of stars with the initial L, recent birthdays, past dive breakups, and entertainment and YouTube careers. In the post, the netizen shared her experience of a private relationship between herself and an actor and a unilateral breakup notice. After the post was published, speculation about the real name ensued, with several celebrity names being thrown around, and Lee’s name emerging as a prime target.

Announcement of legal response from Seo Jin Lee

Under these circumstances, Antenna, the agency representing Lee Seo Jin, released an official statement and warned of legal action. The company has a tough stance on rumors, making it clear that malicious slander and the spread of falsehoods will be dealt with without recourse or settlement. This shows how reckless rumors and speculation online can seriously damage a person’s reputation.

The impact of online rumors and personal responses

This incident illustrates how quickly rumors can spread online and have a significant impact on a person’s reputation. Especially for public figures, these rumors can be devastating to their image and careers, so they need to be proactive. Individuals or companies should consider a variety of ways, including legal action, to protect their reputation.


In the modern world, where online communities and social media have accelerated the spread of information, the spread of rumors and misinformation can have a serious impact on a person’s reputation and life. It’s time for a legal response and a change in social perception. Lee’s story is an important cautionary tale about online rumors, and gives us all a chance to think about the real consequences and responsibilities of our online behavior.

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