Seoul’s Uisin Line Extension Finally Approved

The extension of the Uisin Line in Seoul has finally been approved. The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport’s Metropolitan Area Transportation Committee (Daegwangwi) have approved the master plan for the Uisin Extension Line, indicating that the project will move forward in earnest. The plan aims to improve public transportation convenience and develop a balance between the northeast and downtown areas.

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About the Wuyishin Extension Line Project

The Wuyishin Extension Line is a project to extend the existing Wuyishin Line and build three new stops from Solbadang Park Station to Banghak Station (Line 1) for a total of 3.93 kilometers. This section runs through Banghak-dong and Ssangmun-dong in Dobong-gu, Seoul, and is a densely populated residential area that has struggled to access public transportation due to a lack of urban rail infrastructure. The construction of the extension is expected to significantly improve public transportation access in the area. Currently, there are three transfer stations: Sinseongdong Station (Line 2), Bomun Station (Line 6), and Seongsin Women’s University Enrollment Area (Line 4), but two new stations will be added: Solbadang Park Station (Uisinseol Line) and Banghak Station (Line 1). This will greatly improve connectivity to major heavy rail lines and, upon completion, will have a significant impact on transportation in areas without light rail.

Why we’re doing it and what to expect

The master plan for the Wuyishin Extension Line urban railroad, which will start in 2021, was finally approved by the Great Light Commission in August last year. The approval is expected to accelerate the start of construction and the preliminary procedures such as basic and detailed design required to proceed with the project. The target completion date is 2031, and after opening, the train will run every 3 minutes from Sinseong-dong Station to Solbadang Park Station, and every 6 minutes from Solbadang Park Station to Bukhansanui Station and Banghak Station. The extension will also make the Uisin Line a major light rail line with five transfer stations, significantly increasing transportation convenience and connectivity in downtown Seoul.

Business timeline and future outlook

The basic and implementation design for the project is planned to be completed this year, with construction to begin next year and completion targeted for 2031. Yoon Jong-jang, head of Seoul’s Urban Transportation Department, hopes that the approval of the master plan, which has been long awaited by local residents, will improve transportation infrastructure and accelerate regional development in the Northeast region.

The Uisin Extension Line is an important project that will significantly improve the transportation environment in northeast Seoul and contribute to the development of the city. With a variety of expected effects, it is expected to contribute to improving the quality of life of Seoul residents.

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