Serious traffic accident in Jung-gu, Seoul, with multiple casualties

We’ve got some bad news. This evening (July 1, 2024), a serious accident occurred in Jung-gu, Seoul, where a vehicle plowed into the sidewalk. According to initial reports from the fire department, there were multiple casualties in the incident.

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When and where the incident occurred

The incident occurred at around 9:27 p.m. tonight near 113-1, Taepyeong-ro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul. Upon receiving the call, fire officials responded quickly.

Fire authority response

The time of arrival at the scene was 9:33, a mere six minutes into the incident. Realizing the severity of the situation, fire officials issued a first aid response at 9:36, three minutes later, and by 9:45, a temporary emergency medical center was set up at the scene.

Human casualties

The total number of confirmed casualties to date is 13. Sadly, six people have died and three are in cardiac arrest. It was also reported that one person was seriously injured and three were slightly injured. To respond to these mass casualties, fire officials brought 37 vehicles and 134 personnel to the scene.

Incident cause and further investigation

The accident reportedly occurred when the vehicle veered onto the sidewalk, but the exact cause and circumstances of the accident are still under investigation. The Fire Marshal’s Office says it will follow up with additional information as it becomes available.

Closing remarks and origins

The news of such a major incident has come as a shock to many. We mourn the loss of life and wish the injured a speedy recovery. We also want to thank all those who are working on the ground to stay safe and continue their rescue efforts.

We’ll keep you updated as more information is released. We hope our readers will keep an eye out for the official announcement.

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