Seventeen Joshua faces anti-fan protests, even a Porsche

Recently, Joshua from Seventeen was at the center of a controversy, and the level of outcry from devoted fans, dubbed “carats,” reached a fever pitch. It’s at a level we haven’t seen before, with even protest vehicles mobilized. The analysis is that the root of the problem was the emergence of a passion story, but the real reason was that Joshua’s social media activities and behavior made them feel like they were being cheated.

1. heated and confusing messages

The initial reports of the alleged affair put Joshua in the middle of a controversy. Some die-hard fans have accused Joshua of breaking their trust and misleading them, as he has been making romantic posts and gestures on social media platforms. “They treated their fans like idiots. They were getting more and more intense. Suddenly, there was a fan protest like we’ve never seen before, not online, but in the real world.

2. from moving trucks to luxury cars

Over the past few weeks, dissenting carats have been protesting by sending moving trucks with messages expressing their displeasure to the HYBE building. But on August 14, things came to a head. Fans took the protest to the next level by organizing a convoy of trucks, including three luxury Porsches, to key locations around the country, including the SM Entertainment headquarters. These mass protests were designed to publicly “shame” Joshua in front of his peers and the wider industry. The luxury car, which was rented specifically for the protest, further fueled fan outrage, sparking rumors that Joshua may have gifted the Porsche to his rumored girlfriend.


3. Mixed reactions and heated debates

The truck wasn’t just for show. The truck was equipped with a loudspeaker, broadcasting messages in multiple languages, demanding that Joshua “refund the fans’ money.” Some trucks even accused Joshua of losing his cool and deceiving his fans, alleging that he lip-synced during his performance. Another truck called for Joshua’s departure from the group, highlighting fan dissatisfaction with his onstage missteps. The online community also expressed a mix of frustration and disappointment. Some criticized Joshua for not empathizing with his fans’ embarrassment, while others accused him of manipulating their emotions and betraying their trust.

His label, Pledis Entertainment, has remained silent, leaving fans to ponder the ramifications for Joshua and Seventeen.


4. What are your fans saying?

They didn’t limit their protest to one location, dispatching trucks, including three Porsches, to strategic points across South Korea, including the SM Entertainment offices. It was meant to publicly “shame” Joshua in front of his peers and the industry.

Protest Truck

Each truck was equipped with speakers that broadcast a message in multiple languages demanding that Joshua “return the fans’ money.”

Protest Truck

One truck accused Joshua of losing his cool and cheating his fans, alleging that he lip-synced during his performance.

Protest Truck

Another called for him to be removed from the group, expressing fans’ frustration with his onstage missteps.

Netizens also had mixed reactions, ranging from frustration to disappointment.


Netizens took to online platforms to voice their opinions.

    • “You’re ashamed of the fans? For what? We’re more ashamed, Joshua himself isn’t ashamed, so why are the fans ashamed? The woman who bought 2,500,000 albums?”
    • “The lovely Hive staff is suffering because of Joshua, who has no conscience. By deceiving his fans and being disingenuous in his performances, Joshua has lost the right to be an idol. From a woman who has purchased 2,500,000 albums.”
    • “Seventeen wants to be at the top of K-pop? I’m sorry, but Joshua is the most unacceptable. From a woman who has bought 2,500,000 albums.”
    • “In the end, the haters’ desperate smear campaign will fail. Seventeen will continue to thrive with Joshua at the helm. The haters’ money will be wasted, their sad protest truck will be a laughingstock for years to come, and SVT will be stronger than ever.”
    • “Imagine having this much money and not using it to do something useful or make the world a better place, but instead using it to buy a Porsche to protest dating a 30-year-old man who is approaching the end of his career. “Leave Joshua alone, you freaks.”

      (Source: Click, photo credit: Nate Pan)

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