‘Slaves’ to their bodies… Who is Mr. Park, the famous mall owner who filmed sexual assault?

The reality of digital sex crimes: Illegal filming and dissemination.

In June 2021, a horrific event occurred that shocked society. A man in his 30s (Mr. Park), a former president of a famous men’s shopping mall, illegally filmed more than 200 sexually exploitative videos of women and distributed them on the Internet. The case has caused shock and outrage, highlighting the seriousness of digital sex crimes.

The victim’s painful testimony

One of the victimized women, Ms. A, spoke to JTBC about the horror and pain she experienced. She said the abusive behavior began six months after she started dating Park, and the intensity of the violence gradually increased. Ms. A’s testimony was a stark reminder of the physical and emotional pain experienced by victims of digital sex crimes.

In an interview with JTBC published on January 19, 2024, she said, “Within six months of meeting Mr. Park, his abusive behavior became more and more intense,” adding, “He hit me with a whip, choked me, slapped my cheeks. He grabbed her by the hair, threw her on the bed, handcuffed or gagged her, and assaulted her.” He also said he stroked himself with a knife.

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I was a slave twice

She said she was not the only woman involved in the crime. The testimony is that he numbered his buttocks while he and another woman were both on their stomachs. He said, “Slave number one, slave number two, and so on, I was slave number two.”

Mr. Park also allegedly paid a stranger to sexually assault Ms. A. “It was 5 a.m. in the winter and my password was pressed. It was someone I didn’t know, so I was really freaked out, and then they stripped me naked and beat me up.” When asked why, he said, “I was asked to ‘sexually assault my girlfriend once.'”

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How the case unfolded and the legal consequences

The case came to a head in September 2021 when Park was arrested. Park was accused of creating and distributing sexually exploitative videos of approximately 10 women, some of whom were minors. Park was sentenced to five years in prison at the first trial in July 2022 on charges including violations of the Children and Youth Act and the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence, but the sentence was reduced to four years on appeal. He has no history of sexual offenses of the same nature, admits to the crime, and shows remorse for his actions, the court said.

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The victim’s ongoing fear

The victim expressed fear about Park’s release from prison. In preparation for the appeal, Park’s parents reportedly asked Heungshin to find a minor victim in order to obtain a no-contest plea.

Ms. A’s story of moving house and seeking psychiatric treatment because Mr. Park had her personal information is a testament to the long-term impact of digital sex crimes on victims’ lives.

Social reactions and online situations

After the incident came to light, YouTube videos of Park’s past appearances on the show were flooded with critical comments. Information about Park’s identity and the mall he operated also spread online, raising social awareness about digital sex crimes.

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