‘Smuggled’ surpasses 1 million viewers in first weekend

‘Smuggling’ (directed by Ryu Seung-wan, produced by Öyun Naegang), which shook up the Korean movie industry, has achieved enough box office success to attract 1 million viewers in its initial weekend of release. It had crossed the 1 million mark by the morning of July 29, as reported by the National Film Board of Korea’s Integrated Computerized System. The word of mouth is that we’ve been able to do this.


The trifecta of vivid acting, action, and directorial skill

“Smuggling” received rave reviews from audiences for its vivid acting, intense action, and meticulous direction.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a cool movie,” “The actors’ presence, the story, and the mix of elements made it a unique movie,” and more. This reaction leads us to expect smuggling to become more topical.

Ryu Seung-wan’s professional direction and thrilling action sequences

The faith in director Ryu Seung-wan, the fresh mix of characters, and the thrilling action are what make this movie stand out. They were an important part of what made “smuggling” a special attraction for audiences.

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Insightful character and event development

“Smuggling” centers on a group of people gathering food to be caught in a net, and how their lives are changed by an opportunity that comes their way. Through this story, the polished performances of Kim Hye-soo, Yeom Jung-ah, Jo In-sung, Park Jung-min, Kim Jong-soo, and Go Go-si, as well as the delicate direction of Ryu Seung-wan, director of “Veteran” and “Mogadishu,” stood out.

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