Son Heung-min Lee Kang-in What happened that day? Ping Pong incident, now the media is all over it

Below is an article describing the conflict within the South Korean national soccer team, with the most recent updates.

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  • The pain of being vilified for not being able to say no to the current reports of infighting within the national team, even if they are 99% true.
  • Yes, there was an argument, but it was a very minor one, and it could have happened anywhere, and it turned out to be a simple misunderstanding.
  • Heung-min Son and Kang-in Lee were the subjects of the altercation, but there was no demeaning, swearing, or violence from Kang-in Lee as reported.
  • The people who went to play table tennis were Lee Kang-in, Seol Young-woo, Cho Kyu-sung, and Oh Hyun-gyu.
  • While being called out and scolded by Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in shakes and jokes, “I’m playing well,” and laughs it off.
  • In response, Son Heung-min expressed his anger by punching the desk with his fist, saying, “There are no good people and bad people.”
  • A panicked Lee Kang-in says, “What’s wrong with me. Let’s play among those who are disappointed. Let’s do it between people who are disappointed in their performance.”
  • The two exchanged a few more words loudly, and when Kim Tae-hwan and Kim Young-kwon tried to intervene, Oh Hyun-gyu and Seol Young-woo pushed Lee Kang-in away and apologized.
  • Senior players then went to Klinsmann and briefed him on the situation, and he called an all-team meeting.
  • Parties apologize, offending juniors formally apologize, and group reconciliation finalized

Currently, both tweets and press reports are full of hype.

The bottom line is that the so-called “tweets” and media reports that are currently circulating are all exaggerated and embellished. In any case, it’s true that there was an argument, and the federation has admitted it, so the players have no choice but to stand down. Here’s why

  1. Lee posted a reflection, but again, if you look closely at the text, you can see that he only refers to it as a “dispute
  2. Oh Hyun-gyu is very unhappy with the situation where Lee Kang-in’s reflection statement has created public opinion as if everything is true and the players can’t say anything.
  3. Meanwhile, mocking and criticizing comments poured in on Oh’s personal social media.
  4. Hyunkyu Oh put up with it put up with it replied to the mocking comment with “You don’t even know what you’re talking about…(hereafter omitted)”
  5. Lee contacted Lee Kang-in and asked if everything was true.
  6. Lee Kang-in said, “Of course not. But the association admitted it, so there’s nothing more I can say, but I apologized for arguing with Heung Min hyung because it was wrong.”

Heung-min Son’s leadership and team challenges

Major media outlets in the United Kingdom are reporting that Son Heung-min, the captain of the South Korean national soccer team, has suffered a finger injury following an intra-team feud ahead of the Asian Cup quarterfinals. This incident illustrates how conflict between teamwork and individuals can affect a team’s performance, prompting a discussion about the importance of leadership within a team and how to respond in challenging situations.

The importance of teamwork

For Son Heung-min and the Korean Football Association (KFA), the incident reiterated the importance of teamwork. Team cohesion is a crucial factor that can make or break a team’s performance at critical moments in a game. Especially in the run-up to a competition or big game, it’s essential that all players are united around a single goal. This incident reaffirms the importance of communication and mutual respect within the team.

The role of leadership

The challenges faced by Son Heung-min as captain emphasize the importance of leadership. Leaders must act as mediators when differences of opinion or conflict arise within the team, and motivate all team members to work toward a common goal. In this case, Heung-min Son intervened to keep the team together, but unfortunately, he was injured. This shows that leaders need to be deliberate in their approach to conflict resolution.

The importance of conflict resolution

Conflict in teams is inevitable, but how you manage and resolve it has a huge impact on your team’s success. The injury to Son Heung-min that resulted from the incident was a huge loss for the team and a reminder of the negative consequences that can occur during conflict resolution. The ability to effectively manage and resolve conflict within a team strengthens teamwork, which in turn contributes to higher team performance.


The case of Heung-min Son illustrates the challenges that can arise within a sports team. The importance of teamwork, leadership, and conflict resolution are key factors for any sports team to consider. We hope this incident reminds leaders and team members alike of the importance of strengthening communication in a respectful and supportive way.

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