Special policing efforts launched for stabbing incidents! – Police Commissioner’s announcement

A spate of stabbings and random acts of violence have been making headlines. Fake news is also prevalent online, with plausible versions of events that don’t exist. As a result, a special police presence has been declared as of 2:00 today. Below is a summary of the Police Commissioner’s announcement.

The recent terrorist attacks at Shillim and Seohyun stations in Seoul have raised public anxiety. This is a situation where the safety of the public is being seriously threatened by a number of heinous crimes, and the power of the police is needed to deal with them. The victimization of innocent people in these rampage crimes is shocking, and these crimes can indeed be viewed as acts of terrorism.

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How police are responding to the declaration of a state of emergency

From now until the public’s anxiety is resolved, police will be conducting the following special policing activities to prepare for stabbing incidents and crimes that mimic them.

1. Increase patrols in public spaces

We will increase patrols in public places frequented by the public, utilizing police forces such as local police, riot police, and detectives to the fullest extent possible. This will allow us to quickly subdue any criminal atmosphere, and we will use legal procedures to stop and inspect suspected weapons carriers and erratic behavior. We ask for the public’s understanding and cooperation.

2. Utilizing police force to respond to active shooter crimes

For violent disorderly conduct offenses, I will not hesitate to use legitimate police force, including firearms and tasers. The safety of the public is our top priority, and we will aggressively enforce immunity for law enforcement officers at crime scenes.

3. Address fake news and violent crime alerts online

We will also take strong action against reckless cyber threats and unsubstantiated fake news. We will focus our investigative efforts to quickly identify and apprehend publishers and bring them to justice to the fullest extent of the law.

4. Collaborate with municipalities, neighborhood watch groups, and private security companies to ensure alleyway safety

We will actively collaborate with local governments, neighborhood watch groups, and private security companies to ensure the safety of alleyways used by citizens. We will also communicate with relevant organizations to discuss ways to expand security infrastructure and improve the legal system.

Closing remarks

Our hearts go out to those affected by this deadly rampage, and our 140,000 police officers are committed to keeping you safe every day. Thank you.

Transcript of Police Chief Yoon Hee-geun’s announcement on August 4, 2023

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